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In the summer in the USA there may be problems with gasoline: how to prepare for it

Americans have experienced shortages of toilet paper, bicycles and meat during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the last potential source of concern - gasoline - could affect your summer plans. Travel + Leasure.

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Concerns about a shortage of gasoline have nothing to do with the supply of gasoline, but rather a lack of qualified truck drivers to transport gasoline from refineries to the station.

Result? Gasoline problems are possible at gas stations this summer.

“Demand from truck drivers is very high and with the recovery in gasoline demand in some areas of the country where it is especially high - for example, in spring break places - there is a problem with outstripping demand for stations,” says Patrick De Haan. Head of Petroleum Analysis Department, GasBuddy. "This summer, the problem will not be with the gasoline itself — the refineries still have enough capacity — but with the hazard-certified drivers who can move the gasoline."

This shortage can lead to the closure of gas stations, which could affect your summer plans. Here's what you need to know.

Gasoline prices are doomed to rise

This happens every summer, so don't worry if gas prices (now $ 2,89 a gallon) continue to rise.

“Around this time of year, we are switching from producing winter gasoline to summer gasoline, which is more expensive,” said John Paul, senior manager of road safety and public relations for the American Automobile Association. "Gas prices start to rise in the summer, during the peak weekend of July 4th, and fall after Labor Day, when travel begins to decline."

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Don't let your gas tank run out completely

You don't want to find while traveling that the nearest gas station is out of fuel, so be active traveling this summer.

“Don't let your gasoline run out,” says Paul. "If there is a chance of a shortage, start looking for a gas station when you have half or a quarter of a tank, in case you have to search for it a bit."

Change fuel parameters if necessary

Even if your car manufacturer recommends using premium fuel, you may not always be picky.

“One tank of regular gas will not be a problem even if you have to use premium gas,” says Paul.

Keep apps close at hand

Gasoline finder apps like GasBuddy, the AAA app, or your car's computer can help guide you to the nearest open gas station or find a bargain gasoline nearby.

Don't take extra gas with you

It might seem like a good idea to stash a few gallons in a can in your trunk in case you run into problems, but it could create a fire hazard.

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Take special care on July 4th

The AAA says the 4th of July holiday week will be the peak week for anyone going on vacation, so if there is a gas shortage it is likely to happen in the first weeks of July.

Add some funds to the budget

If gasoline prices continue to rise, you may see them rise by an additional dollar per gallon, which is about $ 50 for a typical trip. This probably won't be a budget limitation for your vacation, but you may need to adjust your plans accordingly.

“Traveling by car is an economical way of getting around,” says Paul. "If the price rises, it probably won't be enough to force you to cancel your trip."

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