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What limitations and problems do legal immigrants in the US face?

The situation with illegal immigrants has become one of the key topics in the American media and politics after the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, but legal immigrants also face problems during his administration, writes CNN.

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We are talking about a wide range of problems: legal immigrants who came to the United States as children, but waited for more than ten years before their family could receive a green card, are now considered too old to automatically receive a green card with their parents; highly skilled immigrants who constantly renewed their work visas, while waiting for the right to receive a green card, now face additional checks; American employers, due to increased inspections and restrictions, are losing the opportunity to hire legal seasonal workers from other countries, including doctors and nurses, which the United States is sorely lacking.

Age as a hindrance to receiving a green card

Yanvi Mehta arrived in the USA at the age of 15 in 2007, with her father, who had an immigration visa for highly skilled workers. She graduated from high school and received a pharmaceutical education in the United States, but by the time her family finally received a green card, she was too adult to be considered a child and receive the appropriate visa with her parents, so she had no other option to stay in USA, except for a work visa sponsored by the employer.

“I have not violated any immigration laws, I came to this country as a legal minor immigrant,” the girl said.

There are many similar cases, these people call themselves “legal dreamers” and ask the government to solve their problem.

They are in favor of adopting a bill that would abolish the limits on issuing green cards, which are at least 7% per year per country, as this leads to the fact that many legal immigrants from Asian countries have been waiting for their residence permits for decades, because from there A large number of immigrants come to the USA.

Visa Update

Immigration lawyers said that legal immigrants face an unprecedented level of difficulty in the process of routine visa extension.

The presidential administration is making efforts to tighten the immigration system in both illegal and legal migration, which leads to more thorough checks of immigrants before extending visas, as well as attempts to impose restrictions on the employment of their spouses. The Department of Homeland Security stated that it intends to more clearly determine who can apply for a work visa for highly skilled workers, and also to deprive the husbands or wives of such workers of the right to work in the United States, although this decision has not yet been finalized.

Other restrictions

Also, the White House has significantly reduced the limit of reception of refugees and is trying to tighten the rules for the transportation of relatives in the United States.

In 2017, the number of requests for additional information on the possibility to apply for a work visa in the USA increased by 53% compared to 2016 year, while the number of requests themselves increased only by 1%. Such requests slow down the work of immigration authorities and make it more expensive and cumbersome. The number of refusals to provide such visas increased by 35%.

According to the White House, the focus of his policies is on protecting the interests of American workers. Recently, USCIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services) changed its mission, eliminating the claim that the United States is a nation of immigrants and adding a “protection for Americans” clause.

According to immigration lawyers, they have never seen such an active effort to tighten immigration policies from previous administrations: neither democratic nor republican.

They suggest that such complications, especially in the area of ​​labor migration, may adversely affect the US economy.

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