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Coronavirus parties are being held in the United States: the first infected gets a cash prize

Young people in Alabama have parties with infected coronavirus. On them healthy compete in who will get the first COVID-19. The winner will receive money from selling party tickets. Writes about this CNN.

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Parties are held in Tuscaloosa, and infected people are strongly encouraged to attend so that others can intentionally catch the virus, city council member Sonia McKinstry said. She said that she had heard about this from the rescue service.

“At first we thought it was a kind of rumor. When they investigated, they found out: not only the doctors' offices confirm this, but the state authorities also confirmed that they also have this information, ”she said.

According to McKinstry, during a presentation in the city council, fire chief Randy Smith said that young people in the city have parties with cash prizes for those who become infected with coronavirus.

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According to her, the first person who confirms the presence of a coronavirus after a party receives money from selling tickets to the event. Over the past few weeks, several such parties have been held in and around the city. Although, most likely, there were more of them than officials know.

“It pisses me off,” McKinstree said. - The fact that something so serious and deadly is taken for granted. Not only is it irresponsible, but you can catch the virus and bring it home to your parents or grandparents. "

The city is working to disseminate information about the virus to residents and prevent such parties. In addition, the requirement to wear masks was introduced.

“This is not a political issue. This is a public health problem. People die, but there is no medicine. We must do our best to save as many lives as possible, ”McKinstree said.

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