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What may be the consequences of the asymptomatic course of COVID-19: personal experience

The danger has not gone away, and even in an asymptomatic form, coronavirus infection can cause many problems. Writes about it Lifehacker.

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A new frightening but important thread has appeared on Twitter. In it, a girl named Elmira, a medical doctor by training, spoke about the unexpected consequences that she faced after having recovered COVID-19 is almost asymptomatic.

“This is not a simple cold illness. Not. And now, by my example, I will tell you everything and justify. With confirmation and evidence, ”concluded Elmira.

Now she has recovered, but the consequences have remained with her for a long time.

“My health has been seriously undermined. About 1,5 months ago, I noticed that my hair began to fall out a lot. Not just falling out - they were everywhere. When I ran a hand over my head, shreds of hair remained between my fingers, ”she writes.

At first, she tried to explain this with stress, poor water, or the effects of safe staining.

“But then I accepted this and admitted to myself both as a person and as a doctor: pathological loss is not an accident or a temporary phenomenon,” Elmira shared. “Believe me, it’s scary when you run across the head and the whole hand in the hair, when you comb the strand, and the hairbrush is full of hair.”

Without thinking twice, the girl decided to take tests and find out what was wrong with her.

“I went and passed tests for those hormones and microelements that, when changed (increase / decrease), can affect hair loss. These were sex hormones and thyroid, as well as certain vitamins and minerals, ”explains Elmira. - The result of the analyzes shocked me. I found an increase in the hormone TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) - one of the characteristics of the thyroid gland. With the upper limit of the norm of 4.2, my TSH level was 6.2 "

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A disease that is accompanied by an increase in the hormone TSH is called hypothyroidism. One symptom of hypothyroidism is hair loss.

“I was terribly upset at this. Previously, there were never problems with the thyroid gland. This was unpleasant news for me, ”the girl writes.

After that, she turned to the endocrinologist and received a referral for additional tests.

“The next morning, before I could reach the laboratory, I received an alarming message from an endocrinologist:“ Elmira, did you happen to be ill with COVID-19? ” Here, of course, to put it mildly, I was stunned. I really didn’t tell her that I was sick, because I didn’t think it might matter, ”the girl continues her story. "It turned out that it can."

According to Elmira, when she told the endocrinologist that she had been ill with COVID-19, "everything began to work out like a puzzle."

“It turns out that COVID-19 can affect the endocrine system and sometimes leads to an increase in TSH, which in turn leads to transient (i.e. temporary)“ non-thyroid hypothyroidism, ”the girl writes. “I have found confirmation of the words of my endocrinologist (although I believe her at all 1000%) later in studies and methodological scientific publications on coronavirus.”

Later, the girl found out that this is not all the problems that appeared due to her coronavirus.

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“However, TSH is not the only indicator that has staggered in my body. New tests have shown critically low levels of certain vitamins and minerals. All this had a complex effect on my hair, and it began to fall out terribly, ”Elmira explains.

According to the girl, treatment is possible, but it is a long, expensive and exhausting process.

“Now I take 6 drugs a day to help my body recover and stop baldness. The only thing that does not need to be done is to take medications to lower TSH, since it will return to normal itself 1,5-2 months after recovering from COVID-19, the girl details. “I have to undergo a course of scalp mesotherapy and the use of local drugs to stimulate hair growth, in addition to everything I am currently taking internally.”

“Remember: COVID-19 can affect any organ or system. I have affected the endocrine system and the general condition of the body. Resources are depleted. Someone may have an effect on the heart, not to mention the fact that COVID-19 kills the lungs in the first place, ”warns Elmira.

The girl notes that "there are no simple diseases."

“I am scared to realize what will happen to people if they do not find competent doctors who will cure them of covid. And who will save you from complications? And it is even more horrible to imagine that there may simply not be enough money for treatment and recovery, ”Elmira concluded.

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