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What features of Americans I can not get used to in the US

Pikabu user with nickname Chemicalbody three years living in Denver, Colorado. During this time, he noticed several features of the American mentality that seem to us, let's say, unique.

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Americans always and everywhere start a casual conversation. It is impossible to buy flowers in a store without the seller asking you why you are doing this. He will definitely ask questions and give his advice. Then, walking with these flowers to the car, with a 95% probability someone else will tell you something about this. It is impossible to ride in an elevator with an American and have him remain silent (with the exception of Mexica and Afro). It is impossible to pay at the checkout and leave without hearing something from the cashier. Once I bought several decks of cards and pickled cucumbers cut into slices. Americans call these cucumbers (chips) - from English this is translated in the same way as poker chips. So the cashier couldn’t resist and made a humorous comment, saying that you have a big poker game coming up (hinting at my pickled “chips”). There are plenty more examples, but they won’t all fit in. The fact is that they find it difficult to remain silent.

Americans are terribly afraid of snow. And this is despite the fact that I live on a mountain (the city is located at a mile above sea level) and the snow here is not something extraordinary. If weather forecasters gave snow for tomorrow (which will melt by the way, such is the climate here), then they will go to the supermarket and stock up on food, as if the news of an impending nuclear war was being broadcast. And the fact that they do not know how to ride along a snow-covered road is generally a topic for a separate post. You can just look at YouTube videos.

Everyone breaks traffic rules. EVERYONE, completely. Double solid? Two doubles? And what is it? They need to turn here - they will turn. The limit is 65 miles... no one goes 65, everyone goes 75-85. The only exception is “paid traffic lights” (with cameras). Everyone there is obedient, as one.

But there is in this barrel and a spoon of honey: give way to special transport. It's all in their blood. All move to the right to the side of the road and stop. They are ready to damage their car to miss an ambulance or fire department. Climb on the curbs, in the bump stops, just to miss. I am always proud of them for their understanding of the situation. Well done.

By the way, on special vehicles. You hit, for example, in a minor accident. Mash the bumper. The second participant does not want to just exchange insurance and calls in 911. And you know what, they all come in a bunch. Fire, ambulance, police. In any situation, if you called 911, everyone will come. Moreover, the firefighters still stand so that they block the whole street with their car.

And yes, if you are in the USA, be sure to ask someone for the local emergency department number. If you suddenly feel bad and call 911, the guys will all come together, and then they will all come together and send you the bill. Each one separately. And if you are also hospitalized, then it is better to immediately ask to go home from the hospital. Prices for medicine are also a separate issue. A broken leg without insurance costs about $40k.

A little more about the special services. The police here are traffic participants just like everyone else. They signal when necessary, and in the flow they do not show off. And the headlights will blink to let you through. And they will wave their hand, welcoming you.

Also, most Americans are obsessed with running. Run, run and run again. Everywhere and all. Especially in the parks. The benefit of the parks here are many and they are well equipped. The same topic for a separate post.

Americans are very patient with foreigners (comrades from a neighboring country do not count) and are always ready to help. They crawl out of their skin and in the pictures and drawings will explain to you, so that you understand and do not remain in trouble. Upon arrival here we went to connect SIM cards. So the worker really drew us diagrams and pictures on paper, explaining on the fingers that he wants to convey to us. It's nice.

Americans are all different. I'm not talking about gays now. They really don't look alike. This is not a gray mass. It is probably true that America is a multinational country.

Americans are liberated. If he wants to walk down the street with headphones on and sing, he will do so. He feels good - he will dance. And these are not drunk or drunk, these are ordinary people. They just know that no one will stare at them or point a finger at them.

Americans are obsessed with Christmas, give gifts to everyone and everything. Up to the postman who brings letters. This is also a separate topic and very extensive. The only thing that annoys me at Christmas is the broken 25 stores in December. No one! Sadness

Very like the attitude towards customers. There was a case I wanted to buy a screen for GoPro. Found in the store - the price of $ 35. It was disproportionately low with the $ 100 price on the site. GoPro. I took it and went to the checkout. The cashier punches and tells me the amount of about $90. I say, the price there is 35. He says, show me. I showed it and he hit me for 35. Nice.

Newborns everywhere. This is very strange, but it is. The feeling that women are giving birth here and immediately after giving birth take the child into an armful and bars in shops, shopping centers, cafes. The child was still red and did not have time to open his eyes, but he and he had already protruded into the store. Strange.

Naked children in winter are also the norm. Well, not completely naked, poorly dressed. Mom in a warm jacket and dad in a down jacket plus children in T-shirts at minus 5-10 is the norm. They probably make money from state insurance for children.

Just like people wearing bathrobes or towels on the street - within normal limits. Why change clothes in and out of the pool?

There is such a strange thing about them, that if someone in the store blocked the passage, then they wait until they release him, silently. Stand and wait.

All mail. Yes, the post here is very developed. Everything, except the passport, send by mail. All documents, all purchases, bank cards, whatever - they send by mail. The benefit here is not very expensive and very fast. At no additional cost, this is usually the 3-4 of the day in any part of the United States. For a surcharge, you can send in the evening at one end of the United States and the next day is already available at the other.


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