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What our people can not get used to in America after years

I have been living in the States for several years, a lot has become familiar to me, and sometimes I forget that it was somehow different in my homeland. However, I cannot get used to some things until now.

Enchanted things

Haunted houses, ghosts, enchanted amulets and dolls that have been possessed by spirits are all very popular in America. Maybe we have all this, and I just did not intersect with ghost lovers, but in the States everyone knows about such things, and it is clear that they take it very seriously. A house with a ghost is more expensive in price, just like an old doll that a spirit has possessed. All kinds of enchanted things, as well as devices for communicating with spirits, are sold and bought here very actively.

When I shared with an American friend that I did not believe in such things, she became serious and said that the spirits would soon show themselves and I would believe in them. I'm waiting now.

Do not drink tea

There is no such pastime as “drinking tea” in America. First, they don't like hot tea. Iced tea is a favorite drink, but hot ... As a result, there is no choice of teas in stores. Yes, you can buy packaged in the most elementary variations: black or green with jasmine. But loose, large-leaved, with forest berries, sea buckthorn or something else interesting - this is go home. Russian stores help out a little with packaged greenfield, and that's all.

I also “like” the reaction of waiters in restaurants when you ask to make tea. Tea!?! - they are surprised and, without even asking what kind of tea I need, thoughtfully leave in search of a bag lying in the kitchen. And don't be happy if they have a tea bag! It may well be poured not with boiling water, but simply hot water. A cup with a bag of undefined tea in semi-cold water (from which such a white foam still appears on top) and a waiter smiling with 32 teeth, who coped with a difficult task and expects an increased tip.

Americans do not tea, do not eat various goodies with tea and do not talk heart to heart, adding a third and fourth cup of tea. There is no such thing.

To smile

A smile for Americans is an addition to everything they do. I, a person who is not used to wearing a smile, needs to learn this. Americans put on a smile and can flaunt it all day long. I need to constantly remind myself: “smile, smile”, because as soon as I relax, my face immediately takes on a calm, thoughtful expression, which Americans call gloomy, but they are wary of gloomy ones here.

But even smiling with my most sincere smile, I cannot smile like the Americans do. They, almost all, smile, showing their teeth. It was interesting to watch when they photographed my daughter's school class. The photographer shouted: "We are smiling" - and all the kids showed a toothy smile, and they all looked so organic and natural.

When I received a work permit, according to the procedure, I had to be photographed. The photographer commanded: “smile” and I tried very hard, but the photographer was not happy with the result. "No, no, no," he said, "let's do it again." After the eighth time and eight “no, no, no”, I said “enough” and asked to put any of those that are, at his discretion. I understand perfectly well that he wanted to see a beautiful “toothy” smile, but I only succeeded (and still succeeds, by the way) with a grin. But I'm working on it!

Cooking is reheating

The word “cook” in the understanding of most Americans means completely different from what we mean by this word. Remove the lasagna you bought in the store from the freezer, remove the wrapping film and put it in the oven for 10 minutes to warm up - this is PREPARE dinner. It is considered a special skill to prepare them with dry mixtures, because they need to be diluted and only then subjected to heat treatment. Take, for example, America's favorite Mac & Cheese macaroni and cheese. Includes pasta and a bag of dry mix for cheese dressing. The bag must be diluted with water in the specified proportions and, pouring this pasta, put in the oven. Likewise, waffles with pancakes: there is a box with a dry mixture, it must be diluted with water, as indicated on the pack, and poured into a waffle iron or a frying pan. Having prepared such a laborious recipe, you will be considered a culinary guru. I wonder how they would react to the offer to take an egg, milk, flour and make real waffles?

My ten-year-old daughter coped herself with cooking pasta with cheese and said that after our pancakes she had nothing to fear!

And in the US, waffles and pancakes made from adjustable mixes, beans with canned sausages, frozen ready-to-eat meals — it's all called “cooking”. I think that they would not have been able to boil our dumplings, because there are analogs from the dough on sale here (ravioli and dumplings), which have already been boiled and only after that are frozen. You can eat them by heating them in the microwave or in a frying pan.


Heating in American homes is usually arranged completely differently from what we are used to. There are often no pipes and batteries, but there are small holes in the ceiling, wall or floor, from which warm air periodically starts to blow, and it heats the apartment. Just a week after such heating, you begin to feel dry skin and nasal congestion (this is all dry air).

In our first rented apartment was a ceiling electric heating. Such options in the States are also quite popular. With the help of the regulator on the wall, you can increase or decrease the temperature in the apartment (and thereby increase or decrease the electricity bill). But also with ceiling heating, and with air, we lack the batteries we are used to. To dry wet, after a winter walk, children's mittens or boots, you need to go to the laundry and turn on the dryer.

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