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Immunity pill: California doctor sold fake 'COVID-19 vaccines' to patients

A California homeopathic physician became the first person in the United States to face federal charges for fake COVID-19 vaccinations and falsified vaccination cards. Writes about it Fox News.

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Julie Mazi, 41, from Napa, was arrested Wednesday July 14 on charges of electronic fraud and one count of false health claims.

“The defendant has endangered the public by feeding on fears and spreading misinformation about FDA-approved vaccinations and by selling counterfeit drugs that endanger lives. To make matters worse, the defendant created fake COVID-19 vaccination cards and noted that clients were vaccinated when they actually weren't, ”said US Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco.

Authorities first became aware of Mazi's alleged scheme in April, when a man contacted the Inspector General's hotline for the Department of Health and Human Services. He said family members bought immunization pills from a doctor that "contain the COVID-19 virus and will trigger an antibody response in the immune system."

Along with the ampoules, Ozi also reportedly sent COVID-19 vaccination cards, which falsely indicated that the Moderna vaccine had been injected. She instructed clients to falsely indicate on cards that they received the Moderna vaccine on the day they took the pills.

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The affidavit said Mazi expanded on her preexisting immunization schedule during the pandemic and promised clients that the pills would provide "lifelong immunity to COVID-19."

She also encouraged customers to buy pills, claiming that the FDA-approved vaccines contain "toxic ingredients," and said children can also take pills because "the dose is actually the same for babies."

As part of this scheme, Mazi trained clients on how to falsify vaccine cards with specific lot numbers for Moderna vaccines, and guided them on how to select false immunization dates to avoid suspicion.

“This doctor has violated a critical public trust in healthcare professionals at a time when integrity is needed most,” said Special Agent Stephen J. Ryan of the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). “Working closely with our law enforcement partners, our agency will continue to investigate such scammers who recklessly threaten public health during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.”

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The charges were brought months after the FBI warned people would face harsh penalties for falsifying vaccination cards, noting it was a federal crime.

"The unauthorized use of a government official seal is a crime and can be punishable under Title 18 of the US Code and other applicable laws," the FBI said in a statement.

FBI field offices have also begun investigating false vaccination reports, including in Chicago, Illinois, where one agent warned that selling fake cards endangers "everyone."

“If people sell fake vaccination cards, they endanger everyone,” said Siobhan Johnson of the FBI. "We are looking into these cases and investigating them, and there could be severe penalties for that."

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In the U.S. California vaccine COVID-19
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