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The US State Department called its version of the cause of the explosion near Severodvinsk: it is quite frightening

The US State Department linked the explosion in Russia in August with the lifting of the Burevestnik missile from the bottom of the sea, which had been lying there since last year’s tests. Writes about this RBC.

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An explosion at a training ground near Severodvinsk in the Arkhangelsk Region, during which a radiation leak occurred, occurred during the rise of the Skyfall rocket ("Petrel") from the bottom of the sea. This was announced to reporters by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control Thomas Dinnano.

Dinnano explained that, according to the State Department, the incident occurred after seawater stopped cooling the reactor at the bottom of the rocket.

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According to him, the US monitoring services found that the aftermath of the explosion was local. However, Washington is worried that Russia was trying to hide the incident. “It was a small explosion, but quite dangerous because the nuclear reactor exploded,” added Dinnano. “In fact, we are concerned about three things: misinformation, the fact that the rocket lay on the bottom of the sea for a year, and the first thing Russia tried to do in this situation was to hide information.”

A similar version about the cause of the explosion was announced by CNBC with reference to US intelligence data at the end of August 2019. “An explosion occurred on one of the ships participating in the operation, which caused a reaction in the rocket being lifted, which led to the leakage of radiation,” one of the channel’s interlocutors said. Dinnano's words are the first official confirmation of this version.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Russian Ministry of Defense 8 August tested a jet engine, culminating in the explosion and death of several military and civilian specialists of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center. According to a note from the Institute for Problems of the Safe Development of Nuclear Energy, the sensors of the Automated System for Monitoring the Radiation Situation in Severodvinsk recorded an increase in radiation background lasting about 20 minutes.
  • White House National Security Advisor John Bolton accused Russia of stealing technology of hypersonic weapons. A statement was made when Bolton commented on the incident. The head of the White House, Donald Trump, said that the United States “learned a lot” from the explosion at a military training ground in Russia.
  • After the explosion in Russia disconnected 4 radiation monitoring stations, and thousands of gas masks are bought for the population. Two more Russian radiation monitoring stations - one in Chukotka and the second in Altai - stopped transmitting data a few days after the explosion in a nuclear center near Severodvinsk. Earlier it was reported about the suspension of data transmission at stations in Dubna and Kirov.
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