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The FBI has released a fitness app: cybersecurity experts ask not to download it

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation has released an application in which it invites everyone to train the way their agents train. However, experts in the field of digital security do not recommend downloading this program, unless you want the FBI to start monitoring you, writes Popular Mechanics.

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March 23 in his official account in Twitter The Federal Bureau of Investigation published a message inviting its subscribers to upload their new fitness app.

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“The FBI Fit Test is an informative and interactive training platform that they use to train agents,” the FBI website says.

The creators of the project say that users will be able to check their physical fitness by following the standards of bureau agents in running, push-ups, pull-ups and other exercises.

To evaluate the results, the application uses the user's GPS data, the phone’s accelerometer (motion sensor), and this is quite logical. But security experts on the network were confused by the other requirements of the FBI Fit Test, for example, access to the contact list, Wi-Fi, cloud storage and even the call log.

“This is a direct invasion of your personal life! In fact, if the FBI wanted to learn about your every step, everything is possible with this application, experts of the specialized publication noted Popular Mechanics. “Providing access at this level is completely unjustified for a basic fitness application that does not even offer full-fledged training programs."

“The advice is simple: if you do not want the FBI to follow you, do not download this application,” says Eva Halperin, an expert on cybersecurity, “Just think about it - you literally give the agency the right to spy on you.”

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Experts are concerned about the trend that has developed during the fight against the coronavirus pandemic: authorities urge society to pay more attention to their health, and at the same time use every opportunity to collect the most information about our behavioral characteristics. By this, they, on the one hand, protect us, but on the other, they invade personal life through modern technologies. So, now China is actively using mobile applications that measure the temperature of the user's body and record his location in order to avoid the infection of a large number of people with the new coronavirus.

“When installing the application - ask yourself why he needs access to this or that information. Maps need data about your geolocation, but fitness platforms don't. Online services need information about your Wi-Fi hotspot, but an exercise app doesn't. Confidentiality and “user hygiene” are crucial in the era of data management, ”said Amir Orad, Executive Director of SiSense IT.

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