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Dog show in New York: America's best dog was recognized just

The winner of the dog show in New York at the Westminster Kennel Club Show was a four-year-old beagle breed dog named Miss P. It is reported by The New York Post.

As the newspaper writes, the judge for a long time could not choose the winner, having spent on thinking about the order of 20 minutes. When the winner was announced, according to The NY Post, it came as a surprise to both viewers who were a fan of completely different dogs, and the owner of Miss Pi.

The owner of the beagle, Will Alexander, said that "the dog is hungry, and I am stunned." He also noted that his pet did not disappoint, without making a single mistake during various competitive tests.

The guests of the event predicted a victory for a dog named Matisse (the breed is a water dog), which is cousin to one of the pets of US President Barack Obama. Miss Pee went around and participated in the Shih Tzu contest, the owner of which is Patty Hearst, heiress of the Hearst media empire.

The winner of the dog is awarded the title America's Dog ("Dog of America") for the whole following year. The animal-winner takes part in various photo shoots and TV shows.

The Westminster Kennel Club Show has been held in New York since 1877 of the year. After the Kentucky Derby races, this is the oldest competition in the United States. Initially, only dogs of hunting breeds competed in the dog show, mainly setters and pointers, but later the list of possible participants expanded. Since 1948, the competition is broadcast on live television.

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