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The girl spent $2500 on dinner at the most expensive Disney restaurant: was it worth it?

A professional Disney food taster talks about what it's like to dine at Florida's most expensive theme park restaurant, and whether it's worth paying $2500 for it. The publication told in more detail Daily Mail.

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Bethany Vinton of Oregon is a Disney connoisseur and host of The Main St. podcast. Dish, in which she ranks all the theme park dining options.

In addition to sharing her favorite dishes on the podcast, the food taster also shares videos of the dishes on her TikTok account, where she has more than 383 followers.

Bethany recently recounted her dinner at Victoria & Albert's, Disney World's most expensive restaurant in Orlando, Florida, and revealed that she and three friends spent $2449 on food and wine alone.

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In a viral video that has received more than 1,2 million views, she said: "That's how much we spent at the most expensive restaurant in Disney World."

Bethany began by showing off the menu, which included dishes like Rocky Mountain Lamb and Royal Belgian Caviar.

She noted that the restaurant offers two lists of dishes - a dining room menu and a chef's menu.

The dining room menu includes seven courses and costs $295 per person, while the chef's menu has nine courses and costs $375 per guest.

She said that, along with all her friends, she chose the latter option.

@bethanyvinton Replying to @Arollin87 This is exactly how much it costs to dine at the most expensive restaurant in Disney World? ✨ Would you spend this much on dinner? #disneyworld #disneyfoodie #victoriaandalberts #wdw #grandfloridian #foodreview ♬ Simplicity – Jon Steinmeier

“We all ordered wine. If you choose the dining room menu, wine will cost $150 per person, Bethany added. “If you order the chef’s menu, which includes eight glasses of wine, then it’s $200.”

She then explained the total cost of their expensive dinner.

“In total, it cost us $1500 for four people with food. Our wine cost another $800 and the tax on them was $149,50. In the end, our total amount was $2449,50 without tip,” she stated.

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Bethany knows it's a "big waste of money," but she admitted the luxury has always been on her "bucket list."

In the comments, people shared their shock at the exorbitant prices.

One person said, "Rich people are crazy."

Another wrote: “This would cover my mortgage, all utilities, car payment and some groceries.”

And a third said: “This is crazy!”

“Very overpriced,” wrote another commenter.

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