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Why people are returning home: four unsuccessful emigration stories

Emigration beckons today more than ever: fabulous opportunities for education and careers, crazy parties in European clubs, good weather, picturesque cityscapes and no burden in the form of tedious relatives with their problems and deadly bureaucracy. The majority understands that all this is just a billboard, and the reality is harsh for those who have come.

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Edition "Big Village»Talked to people who returned to Russia after living abroad, and found out how good the guests were and why they returned.

Nurlan Eraliev, USA

I first came to the USA in 2007 under the Work & Travel program. A year after returning, acquaintances unexpectedly offered a job in an American company with a three-year contract. I just graduated from the university and, of course, agreed - if not now, then never. I was appointed a social worker: I helped families who took adopted children from the countries of the former USSR. My girlfriend went to the States with me.

Everything that is in the USA is made for people, from convenient parking of a cafe to perfectly trimmed lawn at home. You come out - everything is beautiful, people are smiling, but it seems that this is all unreal. Just did not get used to local food. Sweets are always sugary, meat - very fat. Natural products are much more expensive, and you can get them only in special stores.

In the US, stress levels are much lower than in Russia. Many Americans older than 50 never left their hometown and even more so from the country. You reach some comfortable level and this is enough for you: home - work - gas station - mall, everything.

In émigrés, those who you have not communicated with even for a thousand years suddenly remember about you

Nevertheless, I liked it in the States, but soon we had to part with the girl, and starting a new relationship turned out to be a problem. Russian-speaking women refused the relationship: they did not come here for this. I didn’t want to get acquainted with American women. Then I stopped liking what I was doing. I even began to compare myself with friends from Russia: they say, the guys are growing up there, and you spend time incomprehensibly on what.

Life in emigration is not beautiful photographs that are not related to reality. When you are in another country, all comrades suddenly remember you, with whom you have not talked for a thousand years. As soon as I came back, my success among friends was lost. I became mine again, and many people stopped communicating with me.

In general, my main mistake was the thought that it would be easier abroad. As a result, I was tormented by loneliness and the feeling that I was not doing what I should do. That's why I came back. Almost immediately I met my future wife, and now I am absolutely happy. I have a family, and I no longer want to run somewhere.

Nikita Artemyev, Morocco

My wife and I left for Morocco in 2008, on the initiative of my mother, who had lived in two countries for a long time and constantly invited me to visit her. In Samara, I was engaged in repairing telephones and opened points throughout the city - there were enough skills to work in another country. Generally, in Morocco, an extensive job market, and, for example, doctors who work in Russia for 20 thousand rubles, they will swim in luxury. The country has a very bad education system, and our diplomas are quoted in almost all areas. It is even a shame that so many graduates in their homeland cannot find a job, and somewhere in Africa they are super-demanded. Elementary French and technical specialty - the perfect combo. But I had it all a little different.

Morocco is a former colony of France. I came to the country with English, which almost nobody speaks there. I had to sit down for three months in a suburb of Casablanca and learn French from scratch. In addition, Arabic is in demand in everyday life, and, willy-nilly, you begin to adapt.

In the country of oranges, I decided to do what I can best, and with a familiar Arab I opened a shop for repairing and selling phones in the center of Rabat. Marrokantsy adore Europeans, and I became something of a walking advertisement - everyone came to look at the Russian blonde, as a wonder, and was often invited to visit. While communicating with local people, I found an investor who wanted to open terminals all over Africa and was looking for software engineers. Then I left my store and joined his startup.

Nobody here is especially worried about a career, and this measured way of life terribly bothered me.

As part of the economy, Marroko lags behind Russia by 5-10 years, so any marketing ideas here are received with enthusiasm. It’s quite easy to make money in the country, but no one shows off from it - religion does not encourage. There is no reason to live for show. Bought bananas, and already happy. You can’t buy today - Inshallah (“God forbid” - ed.), Buy tomorrow.

Local, by the way, tend to emigrate to France, Germany and Norway, plow for little-paid jobs, for example, nannies, and then build two-storeyed mansions at home. French, on the contrary, is profitable to work in Morocco. They open their cafes and restaurants, which combine innovative ideas and excellent quality local products.

Here, no one is particularly soared about his career, and this terrible lifestyle scared me terribly. I was thinking about something like that in retirement, but now I want to fuss, run, earn. In Morocco, I had a pool near the house, an ocean near by and money in my pocket, but I didn’t feel very much. First, the language barrier was clearly felt, which I was tired of. Secondly, life was too slow. My wife and I returned to Russia, to friends, but now we would like to live in two states - in Russia and where there is more sun.

Maria Bikbulatova, Czech Republic

I decided to go to the Czech Republic, because I thought that Russian realities were taking too much time and effort. Our cities are an obstacle course between points that need to be hit, and this is exhausting, as is the rudeness of those around us. I wanted to live in a friendlier city, and I chose Prague, where I went to study. It was not easy to collect the documents on time and comply with a bunch of formalities - one mistake, and you will be denied a visa.

It's one thing to come to the Czech Republic on vacation, quite another to live and work. Behind the routine to feel the unhurried rhythm of the city is almost impossible. Clean streets, people with an innate sense of tact, convenient transportation, quality products - everything is good, but, having received it, I did not become happier.

Many cannot return because they do not want to admit that they did not receive what they wanted in emigration.

I don’t know if this can be called separation from language, family and friends, but despite the fact that there are quite a lot of Russians in the Czech Republic, you feel like a stranger, and this feeling increases over time. At some point it became particularly difficult, and I decided to return.

It seems to me that many find it difficult to return, because they burned the bridges, lost their jobs, spent a lot of money and effort, and it’s just hard for them to admit that they didn’t get what they wanted. Personally, I do not feel like a loser: it just seems to me that in Russia I am more efficient and can do more. Therefore, it was easy and joyful to return, although I was sure that nostalgia in the evenings, when you could just go out and walk around the magical city, would still catch up with me.

Olga Shirokova, France

I graduated from Samara Pedagogical University and taught English and French, but I always wanted something more. So I became interested in marketing and decided to get additional education. In Russia, it is too expensive and long, so I turned to foreign programs, and eventually found an affordable option in France. Perhaps, this is the only country in Europe where you can complete a master's degree program almost for free. I remember, then paid only 400 euros per year. I collected a dossier, interviewed in four languages ​​on the phone, and I was enrolled.

Finding cheap official housing is almost impossible, you must have a person with French citizenship and income of several thousand euros.

I came to Paris, having in my pocket only 1000 euros that I spent in two weeks. Left with an empty wallet, I went to the nightclub for a part-time job as a dressmaker. Then in addition - a babysitter, translator, teacher. Students in France cannot work more than 20 hours a week, and while documents were being prepared for formal employment, all my part-time jobs were illegal.

Finding official housing in France is almost impossible - you need to have a guarantor, that is, a person with French citizenship and income of several thousand euros. Usually, students do not have such acquaintances, and all rent housing in university dormitories, where the room costs 700 euros. But I was lucky: through the Samara girlfriend I found a room for 350 euros per month with a view of the Eiffel Tower, but with a shared toilet and without a shower.

I looked at the French and did not understand how with such a relaxed lifestyle they manage to have a strong economy.

After six months, I managed to get an internship in the marketing department of a large company that organized fashion shows. Faced with the French at work, I was surprised how lazy they were. Sometimes their working day comes down to endless discussions and planning. Sometimes I looked at them and did not understand how with such a relaxed lifestyle they manage to have a strong economy in the country.

In general, I have always wanted to live in Moscow, so I did not plan to stay in France - emigrants are not expected anywhere, unless, of course, there is no good rear for you in the person of your husband or a large fortune. Did I feel good in France? Definitely, yes. Life in another country is an invaluable experience that you will not get by reading books or watching movies. When you are alone with yourself in another country, you begin to appreciate what you left at home. I consider myself a man of the world, and I feel good everywhere, but home is best - where my family is and where I am in harmony with myself. For me, this is definitely Russia.

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