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American companies that help pay student loans and allow you to work from home

If you have student loan arrears, you can get help repaying it through your employer. More than 44 million Americans are saddled with student debt, totaling $ 1,7 trillion. With layoffs gaining traction and people looking for new jobs, employers are trying to find ways to attract and retain talent. Remote work and offering help with student loans are some of these ways. Edition CNBC told which employers can help you pay off your student loan.

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Repayments on federal student loans, much of which were suspended during the pandemic, will resume again in January.

Currently, 17% of employers offer assistance with student loans, with a further 31% planning to offer it, according to the Employer Benefit Research Institute's 2021 Survey of Employers' Financial Well-being.

About 70% of employers said employee engagement in benefits has increased since 2020.

Meanwhile, many Americans want to keep working remotely rather than returning to the office. A Prudential survey this spring found that 87% want to be able to continue working from home.

According to FlexJobs, these 8 companies help employees pay off student loan arrears and also offer work from home.

1. Abbott

Employees at this health research company based in Abbott Park, Illinois can send the minimum 2% contribution they would normally have to contribute to their 401 (k) plans in order to pay off 5% of their student debt instead. ... The employee will still receive a 401 (k) fee.

Current vacancies include: Senior Business Analyst (median annual base salary: $ 86) and Senior Regulatory Officer (median annual basic salary: $ 107).

2 American Family Insurance

Qualified employees of this company from Madison, Wisconsin, with an associate degree or higher and with student loan arrears, receive a monthly installment of $ 100 towards repayment of the loan. The maximum amount is $ 10.

3.Common Bond

CommonBond, an online lender based in St. Paul, Minnesota, that provides student loans and student loan refinancing, gives its employees up to $ 100 per month in student loans with no cap for the entire term of employment.

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Current job listings include DevOps Engineer (average annual base salary: $ 96) and Financial Compliance Manager (average annual base salary: $ 624).

4. Fidelity Investments

The Boston-based financial services company provides eligible employees with a maximum of $ 2000 per year and a lifetime maximum of $ 10 to pay off student loans.

Current job listings include Chief Content Strategist (median annual base salary: $ 62) and investment decision manager (median annual base salary: $ 350 per annum).

5. New York Life

New York Life contributes $ 170 monthly for student loans for five years. Employees can reduce their debt by up to $ 10.

Current job listings include manager (average annual base salary: $ 74) and business intelligence advisor (average annual base salary: $ 270).

6 Nvidia

Eligible employees at a technology company in Santa Clara, California can apply for a student loan refund of $ 6000 each year, up to a maximum of $ 30.

Current vacancies include Senior Systems Software Engineer (median annual base salary: $ 119) and visualization designer (median annual basic salary: $ 618).

7. Parallon

Parallon, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, is a division of HCA Healthcare that provides $ 100 per month in student loans for eligible full-time employees and $ 50 per month for part-time employees.

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Current job listings include Coding Quality Checker (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 57 per annum) and Code Resolution Specialist (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 312).

8. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is an Irvine, California-based cannabis technology company that pays out up to $ 1000 a year in student loans to employees.

Current job listings include Legal Assistant (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 49) and Senior Recruiter (Average Annual Base Salary: $ 255).

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