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8 secret tricks to help save on shopping at Amazon

For tens of millions of people, shopping on Amazon has become a regular part of their lives. This online retailer is one of the most trusted brands in the US and around the world. Here are some easy ways to save money on shopping at Amazon.

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Amazon Prime is beneficial if you order more than once a month.

Amazon Prime service has become almost synonymous with the company and includes dozens of benefits, reminds Business Insider. If you order at Amazon several times a month, Prime membership will bring a lot of benefits (no wonder more than 100 million people have invested in this service).

You can share your membership in Amazon Prime with another adult, and children who share an account can access privileges such as Amazon Prime Instant Video. Amazon Family provides an 20% discount on diapers, baby food and household items.

If you are a student, you can use an email address ending in .edu to subscribe to Amazon Prime Student... The service offers a six-month trial, followed by $ 6,49 per month. Those who receive Medicaid or EBT benefits are also eligible for a reduced $ 5,99 Prime membership per month.

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Use to see Amazon's lowest price.

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Although products on Amazon are often cheaper than in stores, prices can fluctuate. Price tracking sites such as, will allow you to find out the highest and lowest prices at which the product was sold earlier. You can configure the tracker to send you an email when the product is available at the best price.

On top-rated products based on your search data, Amazon's Choice banner will be displayed, but this is not always such a good choice. It allows you to identify the most popular products for sale based on what you were already looking for. By experience, the system usually gives fairly good recommendations, but the author claims that he often found products that were cheaper than Amazon's Choice, or had much better functions at almost the same price.

The Subscribe & Save option is an easy way to save money on frequently used items, even if you don't normally buy them from Amazon.

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On the pages of some household goods, you can subscribe to scheduled deliveries with a small discount. Even if you are used to buying items of frequent use (for example, cleaning products, paper towels) in regular stores, a subscription to Amazon can be cheaper in the long run, saving you money.

You can set the frequency of delivery and even the day of the week when the goods are delivered, everything is quite simple.

If you are planning to spend $ 100 +, buy a digital gift card and get another $ 10

If you are planning a major purchase on Amazon in the amount of 100 dollars and more, you can get additional 10 dollars by purchasing a digital gift card. The balance will be added directly to your Amazon account so you can use it immediately.

Prime members also earn an extra 2% when replenishing their gift card balance, which gives them plus 2 dollars for purchasing a gift card for $ 100, in addition to the above $ 10.

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Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse - Big Discounts on Used, Refurbished, or Resold Items

Although this method is not particularly advertised, you can buy products that were returned to Amazon with big discounts through Amazon Warehouse. Amazon Warehouse It also upgrades expensive electronics and sells them at a discount.

Amazon outlet is filled with overstock products that may lag slightly behind the latest trends but still work great - there are thousands of discounted products from major brands here.

Limited-time sales are called Lightning Deals: go to the Gold Box to find them.

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Dozens of sales are happening on Amazon at any time - you can visit the page Gold boxto track them all. You can search for items in specific categories, such as electronics or luggage, and see “rush” offers with limited time sales even before they even start.

Remember: even if the deal looks tempting, use CamelCamelCamel or another similar resource to make sure that the price does not plan to decline in the future.

AmazonSmile donates a percentage of each purchase you make to a charitable organization to choose from

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Only purchases made when visiting are added to the donation pool. It may not save you money, but it helps to contribute to making the world a better place.

You can shop at the link. AmazonSmile, and Amazon will donate 0,5% of the value of your order to a charity of your choice.

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