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5 dangerous mistakes when applying for a green card on marriage

Marrying a US citizen does not entitle foreign spouses to automatically receive a green card. To do this, there are several more steps to be taken - and at each of them it is important not to make a mistake.

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Applications for green cards based on marriage are being scrutinized by officials of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), as well as consulates - this is due to the increase in cases of marriage fraud in the United States, writes Baltimore Post-Examiner... It is necessary at one attempt to draw up the correct application, having fulfilled all the legal requirements - this is a rather difficult task that requires large-scale documentary support. Here are the mistakes you should avoid.

You do not contact a lawyer

Most people do not have a clear understanding of the conditions for filing an application, the process of processing it and making a decision. In addition, the language barrier often becomes an obstacle to understanding all the nuances. To simplify the applicant's hard work, save his time and avoid most mistakes, a professional assistant is needed - therefore, it is advisable to contact a lawyer who specializes in such tasks.

You cannot prove marriage is valid.

Being legally married is a prerequisite. You must register your marriage in accordance with the laws of the country or state where the registration will take place. The marriage must not be contrary to law or local custom. In addition, you must not be married to another person, you must provide appropriate proof of termination of the previous marriage (divorce or death certificate) and proof of current legal marriage.

You are not sure of your right to change status

A US citizen can apply for a green card for a spouse who already lives in the US by requesting a change in his status. If a spouse entered the US illegally, it could deprive him of the right to participate in the process. Immigrants without documents are not eligible to apply for a marriage green card. You need to request a waiver of the status of illegally present in the country. Until you get it, you cannot move to change status.

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You are trying to change status too soon

Some people require a change of status soon after receiving permission to enter the United States, including on a tourist visa. This makes the authorities suspicious of visa and marriage fraud - the applicant hides the true intention to get a green card for marriage. In no case do not apply for a change of status as soon as you arrive in the country.

You are not able to provide proof of financial support.

Many immigrant spouses do not provide the necessary documents proving that the US citizen and the lawful spouse of the applicant provide him with financial assistance, and the applicant will not become a public burden for American taxpayers.

And, finally, the main reason for refusals is incorrect registration of the application. Be careful and seek help from a specialist.

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