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4 advice for those who buy housing in the new building

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Homebuyers in the new building may face unforeseen problems that do not arise from those who buy housing in the secondary market. For example, after the building’s transition from the developer’s control to the owners, it is necessary to calculate the cost of maintaining the building, find a way to eliminate construction defects, etc.

As the level of construction grows, more and more people become owners of new housing, for which they are not always ready to own. Edition DNA Info has prepared a list of tips that can help homeowners in a new building.

1. Be prepared for building defects.

No matter how reliable the construction company that built the house is, construction defects will still be there, since this is typical of the entire construction industry.

The most common defects are problems with waterproofing, leaking windows or roofs.

Large and reputable builders after turning to them tend to quickly solve these problems. However, smaller construction companies may not cooperate in this area.

If you find a defect, then you should notify the developer about it as quickly as possible, since each construction company provides a package of guarantees, the duration of which is usually limited in time.

2. ... and to some disorganization from the house management board

The developer retains control of the building until a certain percentage of apartments in the house are sold. After the limit is reached, management of the house passes to the council created from residents of the house.

The Board has the right to receive financial information and other materials from the developer, including service contracts, guarantees and building plans.

Transmitting all these documents, the construction company does not tell the details of the house management process, so the council members must understand and learn everything on their own. Without errors in this case is clearly not enough.

3. Take an active part in the life of your building community.

The council for life support at home is formed voluntarily from the tenants of the building. He decides on the rules for renting housing in a building, on the possibility of placing pets in it, as well as on the time from which noise in the apartments should cease, etc.

These are important decisions for residents of the whole house, so it’s worth taking part in their discussion and adoption.

4. Do not subsidize water and electricity bills of retailers located on the first floor

In the United States are constantly considered many claims on this topic.

At the same time, it is worth insisting that a store or restaurant have its own separate meters, since dividing amounts from a common meter is a very inaccurate and unreliable method, because electricity costs in an apartment or restaurant are mostly very different, forcing apartment residents to pay more for water and electricity which they did not use.

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