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How many years will have to pay a loan for housing in each state. MAP

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Owning your own home is the dream of many Americans, for which they take out loans, which they then pay off over many years. Depending on the state, the loan amount will vary due to differences in property values, in addition, differences in income from region to region mean that each state will have a different length of loan repayment period.

Edition 6sqft figured out how many years will have to pay a loan for housing in each state.

The most affordable housing in the country is in Texas, specifically in Crockett and Upton counties. The median household income in these regions is $52 and $000, respectively, and the median home value is $56 and $000. That is, you can cover the cost of housing with your salary in just one or two years.

The same situation is observed in most states in the center of the country: Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

In most parts of the East Coast, the cost of buying an average-cost home will have to be paid around 5 years.

The ratio of income and cost of housing is becoming more uneven in Hawaii, in most of California, in the picturesque parts of Colorado and in some large cities in the east of the country. Here the payment of a home loan can take up to 10 years.

More 10 payment years will take home buying in many parts of coastal California, including Los Angeles and Nantucket Island, as well as in New York and San Francisco.

They were joined by San Juan, Washington, Teton County, Wyoming and Dykes County, Maryland.

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