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11 professions for high paying freelancers

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Time gives a list of professions that can bring decent extra or basic earnings to freelancers.

Although many people believe that there is not much to earn on freelancing, they are greatly mistaken. About half of all freelancers in 2015 added an average of 25 to 75 thousand dollars on average.

1. Marketer

With experience in marketing, you can earn from 46 to 52 dollars per hour. If you understand the formation of a common brand strategy, use social and other media, and also have a customer-oriented approach, you should find a company with a flexible schedule for a part-time job.

2. Sound performance

If everyone around you is talking about your wonderful voice, you should try voicing commercials. You can earn up to 72 dollars per hour. Many companies prefer video advertising to print media.

3. Recruiter

Many companies resort to the services of recruiters more readily than the staff recruiting staff provide. A freelance recruiter can earn an average of 46 dollars per hour by recruiting new employees for the company.

4. Programmer

You can practice programming from anywhere in the world with a computer and the Internet. A freelance programmer can earn around 60 dollars per hour.

5. Designer

If you specialize in infographics and design, you can earn up to 65 dollars per hour. Infographics has recently become very popular. People prefer statistics in the form of beautiful pictures, and not just dry numbers.

6. Author / Writer

If you feel like a pro writing blogs, promotional articles, you can earn about 55 dollars per hour. If the level of training is small, there are many low-paid jobs that will help hone skills.

7. Search Engine Optimization (CEO)

If you are new to search engine optimization and know a little about it, you can already safely claim to earn up to 50 dollars per hour. With the advent of experience, you can earn even more.

8. Translator

You are lucky if you know two or more languages. Now in America, translation from Spanish into English is very popular, but for another combination of languages ​​you can get from 25 to 40 dollars per hour. It all depends on the tasks, your level of skill and the number of languages.

9. Jurisprudence

A licensed attorney can expect to earn $112 per hour, while a legal consultant can expect to earn about $70 per hour.

10. Internet Security Specialist

More and more hacker attacks and other violations occur on the Internet. That is why experts in the field of Internet security are in special demand and can earn more than 50 dollars per hour.

11. Photographer

If you like to photograph, you can not only enjoy, but also earn. The services of a professional wedding photographer cost from 2 thousands of dollars. And if you create a name for yourself, you can earn even more.

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