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11 California's incredible sights

In California, there are so many incredible sights, both natural and man-made, that you must see at least once in your life. Edition Only in Your State collected their list.

Descanso Gardens. Photo: Shutterstock

1. Descanso Gardens Botanical Garden

Going to this place, do not forget to take a camera with you, because there are a lot of amazing plants and flowers. In addition, among this beauty, a pond was created, and you can eat in the atmospheric Japanese tea house.

2. Glass Boat Tour

This 40-minute ocean tour from Catalina Island on a clear-bottomed boat allows you to explore all kinds of ocean wildlife without even wetting your feet.

3. Corona del Mar beach

This small piece of paradise in Newport Beach is replete with natural beauty: sandy cliffs, rocky shores and many paths for a forest walk.

4. Vasquez Rocks

Photo: Shutterstock

These rock formations were formed over 25 million years ago. Especially beautiful this place looks at sunrise.

5. Wildwood park

In this park you will find hiking trails with incredible views. No matter which route you choose, you will be surprised by the amazing natural beauty of lush forests, waterfalls and caves.

6. Death museum

This museum in Los Angeles is different. Here you can see how stuffed animals are stuffed, get acquainted with the undertakers' labor tools, and even study human skulls. Fans of studying different pathologies will also find a lot of interesting things here.

7. Balboa Park

This magnificent park of 486 hectares in San Diego is famous for its incredible fountains, winding paths and amazing creations of architecture.

8. Hattri Recreation Area

Chantry Flat Recreation Area Located in Los Angeles National Park, and is the perfect place to walk. Pedestrian bridge, spectacular trails, murmuring brooks and charming little houses will cheer up any visitor.

9. Darwin Falls

Photo: Shutterstock

Darwin Falls is located in Death Valley, you can get to it as part of an excursion tour, providing a hike with a length of just 1,5 km. In this small oasis there are a lot of trees, shade and a charming waterfall the height of 24 meters.

10. Jenks Lake

Near this lake you can enjoy the fresh air and the smell of pines, many come to him for picnics.

11. Whitewater Preserve

This oasis of 1130 ha is located near Palm Springs. Hiking trails depart from it, the views from which you will be exactly impressed.

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