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Alzheimer's vaccine begins human trials in the United States: it has been in development for 20 years

The Alzheimer's vaccine, which reduced beta-amyloid plaques in mice, will be tested in humans for the first time in the United States. It is injected into the body as a nasal spray. More about this told New Time.

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At Harvard Medical School's teaching hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital has announced that it will spearhead the first human trial of a nasal Alzheimer's vaccine, designed to prevent or slow the progression of the disease.

The group of subjects is small - 16 people aged 60 to 85 with symptoms of this disease. They will receive two doses of the vaccine one week apart.

The vaccine is based on decades of research suggesting that stimulating the immune system can help get rid of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain.

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These plaques are a sign of Alzheimer's disease. They are formed when portions of the amyloid beta protein build up between nerve cells, potentially disrupting a person's ability to think or remember information. The vaccine sprays a medicine called protolin directly into the nasal passage to activate immune cells to remove these plaques.

The concept isn't entirely new, but it's especially promising now that scientists have a better understanding of how to treat disease, said Jeffrey Cummings, a brain science professor at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

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“The idea of ​​activating immune cells is becoming central to the idea of ​​treating Alzheimer's disease,” said Cummings. He clarified that a nasal spray may be better at delivering protolin to immune cells than a drip or inhaler.

The trial results can tell us more about how to prevent disease progression, as the participants must be at an early stage of the disease and in good health. However, before a nasal vaccine can move on to larger trials, researchers need to demonstrate that it is safe and determine which dose is best to administer.

In June 2021, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first new drug for Alzheimer's in nearly 20 years - an antibody infusion. They called him "Aduhelm". But this approval has sparked controversy: many scientists questioned whether the drug deserved the FDA green light, since it did not definitively improve memory or cognition in clinical trials.

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In the U.S. Test vaccine Alzheimer's disease
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