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“You can fix the house, but not life”: 14 forest fires are already raging in California, people are massively leaving housing

On November 1, another wildfire erupted in Ventura County in southern California. Thousands of residents were forced to evacuate. Writes about this CNN.

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On Thursday, October 31, Maria Fire broke out near Santa Paula and Somis, which burned approximately 8 730 acres (3532 ha) of land in less than 12 hours and destroyed at least two houses.

No injuries were reported. This is one of the 14 active forest fires in California, many of which have been amplified by winds in recent days.

The fire department, which is fighting Maria Fire, announced an order to evacuate about 7500 people approximately 50 miles (80 km) northwest of Los Angeles.

Weather conditions are still exacerbating fires, but improvements are expected soon. Already on Friday, November 1, the wind speed weakened to 35 miles per hour (56 km / h) compared to 70 miles per hour (112 km / h), which were earlier.

Light winds and low temperatures in the Santa Paula area have reduced Maria Fire's ability to spread actively.

On the subject: What is the uniqueness of fires in California and why in the future it will only get worse

Of all the active fires in California, more than half broke out in late October. Fire is blazing throughout the state from Mendocino County in the north to San Diego County in the south.

The largest fire, the Kincade Fire, broke out in the wine regions of Sonoma County.

In general, the fire destroyed about 100 000 acres (40 468 ha) of land by Thursday evening, October 31.

In the Los Angeles area, firefighters are struggling with a variety of hot spots, including Getty Fire and Easy Fire.

Getty Fire began on Monday, 25 October, and is threatening more than 7000 houses. As of the evening of October 31, it was possible to localize it at 52%.

About 40 miles (64,3 km) northwest of the city of Symi Valley, Easy Fire erupted. He burned over 1800 acres (728 ha) of land and threatened 6500 houses. About 30 of thousands of people fell under mandatory evacuation. As of the evening of October 31, Easy Fire was able to localize to 60%.

Riverside police said one of the fires broke out as a result of the chase. Two minutes suspected of a stolen 15 car left the chase, which ended in the field. Police said the car’s tires were so damaged that they caused a fire that quickly spread and destroyed three houses. Two suspects were arrested and the car driver will be charged with arson in addition to evading criminal liability and carjacking.

"Photos that I did not save"

Hillside Fire destroyed at least six houses near San Bernardino.

Matthew Valdivia's house has become one of the destroyed. He was evacuated with his wife and children, but their house was burned to the ground.

On the subject: Named the cause of the fire that nearly burned Los Angeles

“It hurts, but it can be repaired,” he said. “But you cannot fix life.”

One thing he regrets is that he did not grab a laptop with the only copies of some of the children's photographs.

“This is the only thing that really hurts my feelings - photographs that I did not save,” said Matthew sadly.

California's biggest fire still not localized

North of San Francisco Bay, Kincade Fire is the largest fire in the state. He destroyed about 78 000 acres (30 756 ha) in Sonoma County and more than 260 structures.

At the beginning of Friday, November 1, it was possible to localize it at 65%.

Kincade Fire began on 23 on October, but the cause is still under investigation.

The state received grants from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help combat several outbreaks, including Easy Fire, and fires in San Bernardino and Riverside County. Subsidies allow affected local residents, states, and institutions to apply for 75% firefighting reimbursement.

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In the U.S. Forest fires fire in california
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