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Delta employees threatened to put passengers in jail. Do they have the right?

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

Airline Delta Air Lines again got into trouble for cruelty to passengers. On the video posted on the Internet, the family was kicked out of the plane after they refused to give up the place they bought. In addition, airline employees threatened to put the couple in jail.

A Californian couple claims they were kicked out of a voyage in the past. Delta Air Lines with two young children after they refused to give place to one of their children, for which they paid.

Brian Sher, his wife and their two children boarded a flight from Maui, Hawaii to Los Angeles on April 23, when airline employees asked the couple to give up the place they bought for their eldest son. Their 18-year-old son flew home on an earlier flight, but Cher said he planned to land one of his younger children on this seat.

Edition The Washington Post talked with lawyers and clarified whether employees had the right Delta Air Lines do what they did and threaten the couple with prison.

— Is it possible to go to prison for refusing to comply with the demands of a flight attendant?

“Perhaps,” says Annapolis Aviation Law Firm attorney Gregory Winton. Under US law, airline passengers who "assault and intimidate" airline employees can be fined or jailed for up to 20 years. If we are talking about “serious weapons,” then the imprisonment can be lifelong.

On the other hand, according to Winton, it is not in the competence of the airline to make such decisions. The flight attendants had the right to call the local law enforcement agencies, and those, in turn, may detain the passenger.

— Where is the child safer: on your lap or in a car seat?

— Although the airline employee claims that the rules require that the child be held in his arms, it is, of course, safer for him to be in a car seat. Federal Aviation Administration does not recommend that children sit on adults' laps during the flight. According to the rules, "the safest place for your child on an airplane is in a government-approved child restraint system or device, not on your lap."

— Is it allowed to transfer tickets to other passengers?

- Basically, no. With few exceptions regarding full price tickets; Airlines have been following this policy for decades.

According to the rules Delta Air Lines, “All tickets are non-transferable due to fare rules. It is also impossible to change the name." For safety reasons, Brian Sher was prohibited from seating his youngest son in his older son's seat.

— Are situations like this new in airline practice, or have passengers always been treated this badly?

- This happens all the time. “Literally every day we receive calls from passengers who have been in similar situations,” says a former US Transportation Inspector General and current aviation lawyer at a law firm. Motley rice Mary Schiavo.

Winton agrees that recent situations, such as the incident in Deltaas well as an earlier incident in which the passenger United Airlines expelled from a crowded flight, inflicting bodily injuries to him, recently repeated too often.

Shiano advises passengers to record a violation of their rights to the phone.

Photos: YouTube

Photos: YouTube

History Brian Scher would not have gained such popularity if it were not for the video posted on YouTube 3 May. It shows how the staff threaten and do everything to Cher left the plane.

"Then we fix a federal crime, and you and your wife will be in prison, and your children will be," says the airline worker.

“We are going to jail, and my children will be what?”, Cher asks the worker.

The airline employee continues to tell him that they need a seat because the plane is crowded and, since the ticket is not in the name of his younger son, the seat is technically free.

"You say that you are going to give the place for which I paid?" It's like? ”Asks Cher employee Delta.

Then another employee approached and said that the younger son, Cher, could not sit on the seat during the flight due to age restrictions. Instead, according to the employee of the airline, the baby should remain in the hands of the spouses during the 6-hour flight.

“He cannot take a seat because he is 2 a year or less. These are FAA rules, she says. - This plane will not fly anywhere. I'm just trying to help you. ”

Cher answers, explaining that the family was flying to Hawaii with her son in a car seat, but the woman replied that she was not allowed to fly back in the same way. He agrees to put the child on his knees during the flight.

But apparently, it was too late. Eventually, the worker told Cher and his family to leave the plane, and the family stayed on the island for another night due to the lack of other flights, buying new tickets for the airline’s flight. United.

Cher said CBS Los Angelesthat he was shocked by how quickly the situation escalated. He says that he does not need money, he is waiting for an apology from the airline.


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