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Seven products we overpay for at Costco that are cheaper at other supermarkets

Cookery book author Su-Jit Lin told FOXBusiness which foods are more profitable to buy at your local supermarket than at Costco.


$5 rotisserie chicken and $1,50 hot dogs are among Costco's great deals. But cookbook author Su-Jit Lin advises against buying certain products from this retail chain because they will be overpriced.


At other stores, Lin writes, shoppers can "save nearly half a dollar on a gallon of milk." Although Costco offers the product for $4 per gallon, it says it can be purchased for less than $3 at Lidl, Aldi or Target.


Sandwich bread is another item that can often be found at better prices at your local supermarket, Lin says.

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Instead of buying double packs of sandwich bread at Costco, Lin suggests checking your local Publix or Krogers for a buy-one-get-one-free special on premium bread.


Or let's say salad bundles: In larger bags, Lin says they cost $7 to $9, while smaller bundles can be found at Kroger, Publix, Sprouts and Lidl for $2,75 to $3,50.


Raw chicken is another item that Lin advises looking for a little cheaper at other supermarkets. At $3 a pound for fillets or thighs, she found family-sized packages of chicken breasts for just $1,79 a pound at other major supermarkets.

Herbs and spices

Depending on how often you use herbs and spices, it is better to buy them in smaller quantities than they sell at Costco, Lyn believes. The Eating Well Test Kitchen says it's ideal to use ground spices throughout the year to ensure they don't lose color, aroma, or flavor.


Lin says it's better for your wallet to stock up on canned soup at local supermarkets, where the product sells for $3 or sometimes even less.


Lin says Costco sells large bags of cereal for $7 to $14, while other supermarkets offer deep discount coupons and bulk prices.

“I used this multiple savings method to get name-brand cereal for $1,50 per box when you buy six,” the cookbook author writes.

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Despite the potential savings, Lin urged shoppers not to get too excited.

“If you're already at Costco and you need one thing on this list, but don't want to go to another store, then, of course, buy it there. There is no need to specifically go somewhere else to get it,” summed up Su-Jit Lin.


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