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The most interesting moments of the fourth republican debate

The fourth debate of candidates for the presidency from the Republican Party took place in Milwaukee yesterday.

The media was divided in their assessment. Some thought the debate was boring (The Washington Post), others - lively (Vox).

Eight candidates ran in turn, corresponding to their position in the ranking in descending order: first - billionaire Donald Trump, then - former neurosurgeon Ben Carson, Senator from Florida Marco Rubio, ex-Governor of Florida Jeb Bush, Senator from Texas Ted Cruz, ex-head Hewlett-Packard Company Carly Fiorina; Kentucky Senator Rand Paul; and Ohio Governor John Keysick.

“Forum” tells about the most important and interesting points of these TV debates.

Candidates discussed, the moderators kept silence

The main topic of the fourth debate was the key issues of concern to American society: taxes, immigration, military spending and the minimum wage.

It is worth noting that during the previous debates the Republicans mostly discussed each other and did not touch on the topics important for voters.

A sharp turn in the behavior of moderators passed after the third debate on CNBC.

The disadvantage of the show was that sometimes the candidates avoided answering the question, and the moderators did not direct them in the right direction.

Putin was called "gangster"

In relation to Russia and its leader, the candidates showed almost the exact opposite attitude. This discussion showed a difference of opinion within the Republicans.

In the speech of Senator Marco Rubio sounded bright anti-Putin rhetoric. She reached her emotional peak when Rubio called Russian President Vladimir Putin "gangster" and "a leader from the world of organized crime."

“I have never met Vladimir Putin, but I know enough about him to understand that he is a gangster,” said Rubio. - In fact, he is a leader from the world of organized crime, who leads the country, controls the economy of two trillion dollars. And it is rapidly increasing its military potential, despite the fact that its economy is in a catastrophic state. ”

Jeb Bush, in turn, called for the creation of a no-fly zone in Syria and for wider support for pro-Western Syrian rebels, known as the Syrian Free Army, as well as the creation of “security zones” for them on the ground. The candidate also condemned the growing, in his opinion, Russia's influence in the Middle East.

“It’s tragic to see that Iraq and other countries are now talking to Russia,” said Bush. - Not so long ago, Russia had no influence in the region. Therefore, the United States needs to establish its leadership position everywhere. ”

A similar position was expressed by the former head of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina, who supported the idea of ​​creating a no-fly zone in Syria, since, according to her, “Russia cannot specify the United States where and when our planes can fly”.

Donald Trump, who was directly asked about his attitude towards Putin, on the contrary, tried to avoid harsh statements, and even supported Russia's actions in Syria. “If Putin wants to erase the Islamic State into powder, then I’m all for it, it's 100%. And I do not understand how someone can be against it, ”said Trump.

Trump also proposed that the EU play a more active role in resolving the conflict in Ukraine. “As for Ukraine, we have a group of people and a group of countries, including Germany, which is an economic hulk, so why do we always do this work?” He asked.

Also, Trump did not fail to trump a meeting with Vladimir Putin, which, according to him, took place in the lounge for the guests of the broadcast in the film studio of the American television channel CBS, during the recording of the 60 Minutes program. “We were together at '60 minutes,' and everything went well enough,” Trump said.

As it turned out a little later edition Washington examiner, this meeting could not be, because Trump gave an interview in America, and part of the program, in which the Russian president participated, was filmed in Russia.

However, Karli Fiorina also picked up the baton of mentions of personal meetings with Putin during the debates. She stated that she also had a personal meeting with Putin, but not during the recording of the television show. Where exactly they met - Fiorina did not specify. However, despite the semi-lyrical retreat, the position of the former HP leader remained unchanged - she once again confirmed that she would not talk to Putin, since now the United States would have to talk to him from the position of the weak.

“I wouldn’t talk to him for a while, but this is what I would do. I would start rebuilding the Sixth Fleet right under his nose, rebuilding military potential, the missile defense program in Poland - right under his nose, '' Fiorina emphasized. - I would conduct very aggressive military exercises in the Baltic states so that he understands that we will protect our NATO allies. Perhaps I would send several thousand more troops to Germany - not to start a war, but to make sure that Putin understands that the United States of America will support its allies, ”said Karli Fiorina.

Senator Rand Paul immediately responded to the idea of ​​suspending contacts with Putin, who rejected it as untenable.

“I think this is so naive and stupid - to believe that we will not talk with Russia,” he said. Paul also condemned the idea of ​​creating a no-fly zone as too dangerous.

John Kasich, for his part, called for sending weapons to Ukraine so that “they could stand up for themselves,” writes “Voice of America".

Immigration issue

While discussing immigration, Jeb Bush had a great opportunity to get ahead at the expense of Trump. The billionaire continued to praise his plan to build a wall on the Mexican border and to deport eleven million migrants. Opponents criticized Trump for this plan.

Jeb Bush accused the businessman of provoking the Hispanic electorate to vote for Democrats, in particular for Hillary Clinton, by his statements.

John Kasich, the governor of Ohio, generally called this plan "childish." He criticized the mass deportation as a solution to the problems of Americans: "This is a stupid argument."

Marco Rubio decided to avoid discussion on this issue, in which he is not strong enough.

Rand Paul's voice cut through

While Rubio, Bush and Carly talked about the need to increase military spending and strengthen the US Army, Senator Rand Paul said that the US is already spending more than the next ten countries combined.

An emotional discussion broke out between Paul and Rubio: Rubio argued to Paul how vital it is to have a strong army, and judging by the reaction of the audience, the Florida senator won this little fight.

But in a verbal fight with Donald Trump, Rand Paul managed to stab the billionaire.

Wall Street Journal editor Gerard Baker asked Donald Trump about his attitude to Trans pacific partnership - a trade agreement between the United States, Canada and 10 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

Trump did not find words. “This is a terrible deal that will bring nothing but problems. This treaty was created for China, as it always does, to enter through the back door and take full advantage of it. This is a 5600-page contract. It's so complicated that no one has read it. Like Obamaker, ”he said. Also, currency manipulation is not discussed in the treaty, which is a disaster. Look at how China and India are doing it. "

“Hey Gerard, you know, you could point out that China is not part of this deal,” Paul interrupted, which caused a round of applause from the audience.

Tax Debates

The discussion on the subject of taxation showed that each candidate has real plans in this area.

Bush called for budget cuts. Ben Carson - for the government's dissolution of the tax service and the introduction of the same tax for everyone at 10-15 percent.

Trump promised to abolish income tax for Americans who receive less than 25 thousand dollars a year, and for families whose income is less than 50 thousand.

Carly Fiorina, as before, persuaded that she could draw up a tax code of three pages, but she could not say what exactly would be in it.

The Republicans have two more rounds of TV debates ahead: in December in Las Vegas, in January in Iowa.

The presidential candidate will be named at the Republican Party congress in July 2016. US presidential election will be held on November 8 2016.

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