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Permanent vacation: the company sells apartments on a cruise ship that will sail all year round

Even the most avid travelers may want to sleep in their own bed after a while. But Alistair Panton, co-founder and CEO of Storylines, which will launch its first residential cruise ship from Croatia in 2024, has come up with a solution. What - the publication told in more detail USA Today.

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“You take your home with you,” said Panton, the company's founder.

The MV Narrative will have 547 accommodations and a host of amenities. The ship will sail across six continents, and its residents will be able to use the premises as floating pied-a-terre or year-round homes, so their journeys can never end.

What travelers can expect from MV Narrative

Like other residential vessels such as The World, a private residential yacht, MV Narrative is set to travel the world. Although itineraries have yet to be confirmed, destinations are likely to include Rome and Naples in Italy, the Greek island of Santorini and Split in Croatia.

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According to Panton, MV Narrative will stay in most ports for three to five days. This will allow passengers on board to devote more time to walks than on a regular cruise.

The dwellings have one to four bedrooms, most have balconies, and residents can choose from coastal or contemporary interior design styles. On board there are 20 restaurants and bars, a small brewery, three swimming pools, a bowling alley, a fitness center, medical facilities and other amenities.

The ship will offer, among other things, an educational program for young people, which will serve as a school for children on board.

"What's better than learning about the Roman Empire standing in the Colosseum with a historian?" Pantone remarked.

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With a focus on sustainability, MV Narrative will use sustainable liquefied natural gas, a solar-powered hydroponic garden and a zero-waste farmers' market on board.

How much does an apartment cost in MV Narrative

According to a press release, the cost of residences starts from $1 million and reaches $8 million. According to the Storylines website, there are also several 24-year leases starting at around $616.

Residents must pay for an all-inclusive package that includes food, cleaning, Wi-Fi, laundry, tips, and more.

These fees start at $61 per year for a 564-square-foot (237 m) studio.2) and vary depending on the price of the room. Panton noted that residents can rent out their homes when they are not using them.

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