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Skydiver tangled in high-voltage wires during her first jump in her life

A skydiver who made her first jump missed her planned landing site and became entangled in high-voltage power lines, reports DailyStar.

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Firefighters from Riverside County, California, were called to Lake Elsinore to rescue a trapped rookie skydiver.

The electricity in the area had to be turned off while the skydiver was untied from the electrical cables.

California Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Roberts of Cal Fire said he did not know how the woman managed to avoid being electrocuted.

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But the hapless skydiver, who declined to give her name, was unharmed and even spoke to firefighters as they waited for the 40 minutes it took for the power to go out, Maggie De La Rosa, a Riverside County Fire Department spokeswoman, said.
The parachutist explained that she just took a wrong turn: “So I was trying to miss this power line, then I turned sharply to the right, and then flew into another power line.”

Skydive Elsinore general manager and co-owner Josh Hall said the incident was a "very rare" occurrence. He stated that over 100 jumps are made every year.

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He said the paratrooper's parachute "deployed properly and was in perfect working order," but she made a mistake and deviated from the drop zone.

“Apparently she was just confused,” Hall said. “She basically launched her parachute into an area where she wasn’t supposed to be.”

“It actually circled the entire airport,” he explained. “Fortunately, she's fine. Obviously it could have been a lot worse."

“She was very lucky that she came out of this with virtually no scratches,” he added.

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Eyewitness José Olea said he was surprised to see the woman acting so calm given the predicament she was in.

"She was just relaxing there, which was amazing because it's pretty scary," he said.

Skydive Elsinore promised to provide additional information after all the facts of the incident are established. The company apologized to all those affected by the unplanned power outage.

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