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NATO appeals to Russia demanding the return of Crimea to Ukraine

In Crimea, human rights are violated, and Russia is building up its grouping of troops on the peninsula, the alliance said. Return to working relations will not work until Russia changes its behavior, stressed in Brussels, writes RBC.

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“Five years ago, Russia illegally and illegitimately annexed Russia with the use of force, violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” said a statement by NATO, which was published on Twitter by Alliance spokesman Oana Lungescu.

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NATO does not recognize and condemn the annexation of Crimea by Russia and calls on Moscow to regain control of the peninsula Ukraine. The alliance is concerned about the violation of human rights on the peninsula in relation to the Ukrainians, the Crimean Tatars and other peoples, the statement said.

The alliance condemns cases of human rights violations on the peninsula, as well as the buildup of the Russian military group, the construction of the Crimean Bridge and detention and arrest Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait in November 2018.

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“Until there are no clear, constructive changes in Russia's behavior that would demonstrate adherence to international law (...), [Russia and NATO] will not be able to return to the principle of business as usual,” the statement said.

According to the results of a recent poll by the VTsIOM, 18% of Russians said that the "accession" of the Crimea had a positive impact on their lives, 70% did not notice any changes. 9% of respondents believe that their lives have deteriorated. The Russians called sanctions, rising prices, falling living standards and conflict with Ukraine the negative consequences of the annexation of the Crimea.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that after the presidential election, 31 March intends to achieve the return of the peninsula and "will not go to any auction".

In Crimea, the United States offered to “return” California to Russia

Ivan Chikharev, Ph.D. (Political Science), director of the Institute of Social Sciences and International Relations of Sevastopol State University, commenting on NATO’s statement on the fifth anniversary of the events in Crimea, recalled the former Russian colony in California, writes RIA News.

“NATO is the last organization that should be surprised at the strengthening of someone’s military presence, since it is NATO after the cold war that is expanding its military presence in all regions of the world without the consent of the international community. An example is a violation by the US warships of the Montreux Convention. The reciprocal strengthening of Russia is completely natural in terms of ensuring the balance of forces in the region. And in response to the offer to give Crimea to Ukraine, I propose to give Russia the former colony in California, Fort Ross, ”said Chikharev.

Fort Ross was founded in 1812, the Russian-American company on the Pacific coast of California in 80 kilometers from San Francisco for the fishery industry. In 1841, the company sold its property to large landowner John Satter.

Earlier, Estonian special services stated about preparing Russia for a war with NATO over Belarus.

Recall that Russia threatened non-nuclear countries with a missile strike for cooperation with the United States, and the Russian leader himselfrigosil place supersonic nuclear weapons on ships and submarines near the US.

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