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A man fell overboard a cruise ship off the coast of Florida: they have been looking for him for several days

A 35-year-old man fell overboard on the Carnival Cruise off the coast of Florida on May 29. FoxNews.

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The Coast Guard said on Twitter that crews were looking for a passenger who fell overboard on the Carnival Magic about 300km east of Jacksonville, Florida.

As of noon on May 30, the Coast Guard said it had searched 10 square kilometers in 000 hours, adding that it would continue to search by air.

A spokesman for Carnival Cruise Lines said surveillance video shows a man leaning over the railing of his balcony and falling into the water at 4:10 am on May 29. According to the spokesman, late in the evening of May 29, his companion reported his disappearance.

"The US Coast Guard has cleared the ship from any search and rescue efforts and advised the ship's captain to continue on her way to Norfolk, where she arrived as planned on May 30," the spokesman added.

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According to a GoFundMe created by Jennilyn Blosser, the 35-year-old is Ronnie Lee Peel Jr., her partner. It was his "first cruise".

“We went on a cruise to celebrate my birthday and unfortunately he fell overboard and they are still looking for him. Please pray for our family. I am grateful for your support. This was Ronnie's first cruise and luckily he had a great time and made many friends. He was always on the move and loved to be friends with everyone,” wrote Blosser.

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Blosser revealed that Peel Jr. is her fiancé.

“He was the life of the party. It hurts too much to even type, let alone talk about it,” Blosser said. “He enjoyed the cruise life, the opportunity to drink, gamble and socialize, which made him happy. This was his first cruise and I'm sure he would be willing to cruise every month."

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