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Powerful tornado caused serious damage to Mexico and Texas

At least 13 people were victims of a devastating tornado that passed through the city of Ciudad Acuna, located in northern Mexico near the border with the US state of Texas.

Hundreds of homes in the state of Coahuila suffered serious damage, and an operational headquarters was established there to eliminate the devastating effects of the disaster.

According to eyewitnesses and photos coming from there, absolute chaos reigns in the streets: cars hang from trees, and human bodies lie on the roads.

Many residents were injured and injured. There is a possibility that the number of victims may increase.

According to state governor Ruben Moreira, who arrived in the region, 10 adults and three children died, 150 people were taken to local hospitals, one baby is considered to be missing.

More than 1000 homes suffered as a result of a tornado, whose speed reached 270-300 km / h. Almost all the dead were caught by the hurricane while on the street.

As the representative of local authorities, the missing baby was torn out by the force of the wind from the hands of the mother, along with a carrying backpack.

According to the mayor of Ciudad Acuña, Evaristo Lenin Perez, a tornado hit the city for the first time since it was founded more than 100 years ago.

Rescuers are currently browsing more than 750 homes for casualties.

Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto expressed his condolences to the relatives of the victims and said that he would personally arrive in the city on Tuesday afternoon.

In the southern states of North America, storm warning extends to Colorado, Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana and eastern Kansas.

Twelve people went missing on Sunday as a result of a sudden heavy rain in the Blanco River in central Texas.

According to state governor Gregg Abbott, who compared the power of the flood to the tsunami, this is the worst flood in the state in his memory. Texas 24 counties declared a state of emergency.

In the city of San Marcos, where the level of the river sharply increased as a result of heavy rains and flooding began, residents were forced to leave their homes, as the streets turned into fast-flowing rivers, cars and trucks swept away.

Hundreds of private houses were also damaged there, some of which were washed away from the foundation.

In total in Texas since last Saturday, 14 people died as a result of the rampant of the elements.

In the U.S. Texas Mexico Hurricane tornado
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