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Which specialists are most in demand in America?

Finding a job in the US can be challenging, especially if your skills are not in high demand. Study Visual Capitalist Based on job listings, LinkedIn revealed which industry in the United States is hiring the most people.

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Based on data across all countries, two industries accounted for the largest number of vacancies: recruitment and IT services/IT consulting. In-demand industries around the world include healthcare and retail.

In the United States, the restaurant industry has the most job openings, accounting for 7,9% of all job postings. This is followed by non-profit organizations with 5,6% and the automotive industry with 4,4%.

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Which US industries have the largest number of vacancies?

  • restaurants - 7,86%;
  • non-profit organizations - 5,59%;
  • automobile production - 4,41%;
  • software development - 4,28%;
  • service sector - 4,07%;
  • health and fitness services - 3,78%;
  • financial services - 3,76%;
  • transport, logistics, supply chain, warehousing services - 3,61%;
  • electronic media - 3,59%;
  • defense and space production - 3,53%.

The high number of job openings in the restaurant industry suggests America is returning to eating out after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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