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Which state is best to view the April 2024 solar eclipse?

The total solar eclipse in April is an incredible spectacle that will appear above the heads of tens of millions of Americans. How to prepare for it, reports USAToday.


A total solar eclipse will occur on April 8, when the Moon completely covers the disk of the Sun. Its entire cycle can be observed in Mexico, the USA and Canada.

The April 8 astronomical phenomenon will be visible in 13 states, from Texas to Maine, but experts say the southern end of its path will be the most spectacular. The typical sunny Texas weather, tourism-ready towns, and location along the 185-mile eclipse zone make it an ideal destination for those looking to experience such a celestial spectacle.

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But not everyone wants to go to Texas. There are other factors to consider when choosing a surveillance site.

"This will probably be the most watched astronomical event in American history," suggested eclipse researcher Michael Seiler, who runs the website Great American Eclipse.

Travel agencies across the country are struggling to book places for weddings, honeymoons and other events dedicated to this astronomical phenomenon. As of February 23, there was still affordable housing in several metropolitan areas located within the visibility zone of the eclipse. These included Dallas, Indianapolis and Cleveland, although some smaller cities had openings.

Why is this eclipse so remarkable?

According to Dave Clark, operator of National, total solar eclipses are a very rare event, occurring every 18 months. Many of them occur over the ocean or in very remote parts of the world.

The April eclipse will affect three countries in North America: Mexico, the United States and Canada.

“This is a very rare and amazing opportunity! This is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people,” Makepeace said.

In the United States, hundreds of cities and towns in 13 states are located along the line of sight of the total eclipse.

According to, unlike a similar event in 2017, the April eclipse will last longer, with a wider trajectory.

The total solar eclipse is much more spectacular than the annular eclipse that the United States witnessed in October.

The next total solar eclipse in North America will not occur until 2044, according to NASA.

Weather conditions play a key role in observing this phenomenon: the further south you are, the better, as clouds are unlikely to appear in the south. That means Texas is the perfect place for eclipse hunters.

According to the National Eclipse website, the April 8 astronomical event will be visible longer in Texas than in other regions of the United States.

True, the weather, as Clark said, is a very changeable and unpredictable condition: it can be cloudy in Texas, while in Maine it can be clear.

The April eclipse will be visible from many cities, towns and rural areas. Eclipse experts emphasize that the ideal location for you depends on your preferences.

One of the advantages of rural areas is low-rise buildings. But heavy hourly traffic in small towns and rural areas can overload their road infrastructure.

For example, officials in Lorain County, located in northeast Ohio west of Cleveland, advise residents to have a three-day supply of food, fuel and water on hand.

Astrophysicist Antonella Fruscione of Boston will travel all the way to San Antonio with 18 family and friends (some from as far away as Europe) to view the total solar eclipse.

What else is important besides the weather?

Seiler, who has seen 11 total solar eclipses on six continents, advises two other factors to consider: mobility and accessibility: “There is no single 'best' place to view an eclipse. It all depends on several factors.”

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By mobility, he means ease of movement around the area from which you will be viewing the eclipse. Please note that there will be traffic jams after the eclipse, so it is essential to have multiple routes away from the eclipse area.

Affordability, Seiler said, is about affordable housing. Therefore, he believes cities like Dallas would be a good choice due to the abundance of places to stay for tourists.

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