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As a woman managed to rent an apartment in New York for $ 100 per month

The life of Maria De Tommaso from Long Island changed in 1993, when she met her neighbor Nicholas De Tommaso. They became so close to the man that he decided to adopt Maria.

After his death and almost 10 years of court battles with the State’s Housing Department and the owner of the building, the woman finally got the right to stay in his apartment, writes The New York Post.

The woman admitted that she was very happy that she was able to stay in a two-bedroom apartment, because “the positive energy was preserved” because of the love for her of the late Nicholas.

De Tommaso pays just 100 dollars per month for the right to stay in this apartment. According to the StreetEasy real estate website, such housing in a building that was built in 1930's, at current prices, costs 1800 dollars per month.

The woman believes that she managed to win the trial, because she has a “good heart”.

But the owners of the townhouse do not agree with this statement. Sugrim and Kousila Autar, an elderly immigrant couple from Guyana, who has owned this building since 1980, described De Tommaso as a manipulator and an unpleasant person who “tried by all means and means” to get an apartment for herself, eventually convincing a disabled person to adopt her in three weeks before he died in July of the year 2009. Although Nicholas De Tommaso was married for a short time, he had no children.

“We're upset. We just don't understand how she could have been allowed to rent an apartment on such terms, ”said Sara Miros, the owner's daughter, who also lives in the building.

Tired of fighting De Tommaso, the owners decided to put the building up for sale for 4,2 million dollars.

They are also disappointed by the fact that a woman is letting guests from all over the world into the second bedroom. According to her ad on Airbnb, her guests pay 50 dollars per night. It is worth noting that De Tommaso has legitimate grounds for renting a room in his apartment for a short-term lease.

The woman denies wanting to be Nicky's daughter because of the apartment.

“I never intended to stay here and I tried to move Nicky to the waterfront retirement home, but in the end he loved the place so much that I just couldn't leave,” she said.

Nicholas De Tommaso lived in this apartment for 85 years, until his death 15 July 2009. His friends confirm that the man really loved this building.

Nicholas wanted to buy a building, but still continued to rent an apartment.

Niki worked as a loader and for many years he loaded the newspapers at the New York Times.

When Maria De Tommaso met Nicky, her marriage to her second husband, Anil Deodhar, born in India, was coming to an end. At the birth of 1 in March 1951, the woman was named Pamela Rose Becker, she grew up in Washington, DC, and attended a number of expensive private schools.

After she moved to Nikki in 2002, he bought her several cars, which she used to take him to meet with the doctors.

In 2007, he gave women the right to dispose of their property.

“Nick looked like a vegetable, he could not walk, speak or understand any commands,” said the Autar family.

A month before his death, Nikki signed documents that recognized 58-year-old Pamela Becker as her daughter, who immediately changed her name to Maria De Tommaso. The adoption was formalized 23 June 2009, and De Tommaso became the beneficiary of his life insurance and retirement insurance.

After Nikki died, the Autar family planned to rent out their apartment at the market price for 1500 dollars a month. They were shocked when they learned that Maria intended to stay in an apartment for a reduced rent until the end of her life.

Homeowners claim that she owes them for renting almost 200 000 dollars, but De Tommaso said that she pays them 100 dollars for an apartment every month (as indicated in the Nicholas contract), putting them on escrow account because the owners refused accept her checks, hoping to be able to evict her in this way.

The woman said she intended to stay in this house until the end of her life.

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