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How to organize your vacation: 5 rules

Author Articles Claudio Araos, who spent 20 years searching for top managers for the world's leading companies and honed his ability to understand people almost to perfection, talks about the proper organization of his vacation, resorting to interesting examples.

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

“A person who truly knows how to live does not draw a line between his work and play, his labor and rest, his spirit and body, his education and hobbies. He can hardly distinguish one from the other. He simply strives for perfection in whatever he does, leaving others to wonder whether he is working or having fun. To himself, he is always someone who does both at the same time,” I love this quote from Lawrence Jacks.

This statement characterizes life-inspired, happy and successful professionals I know. His main message is simple: find a job that you will love - one that allows you to realize yourself and reveals your talents, and you will not work a single day in your life. But nevertheless, keep in mind that we must approach the issue of rest as carefully as the choice of our profession, and use this time so that we can return to our office, becoming a little better than you were when leaving it.

Take, for example, my friend John, the former head and chairman of the board of directors of a consulting company, which is now engaged in a number of social projects. He sees holidays as a way to clean up and reload his brain, for which, in the last 25 years, he and his wife and three other couples began to go hiking. During the week, the company wandered through the mountains, national parks and natural reserves, breaking up into different pairs every day so that everyone would have the opportunity to talk with another person. Before resigning from his post of general director, he tried several times to take such kind of time-outs before holding a global partner meeting, because he found out that his ideas, initiatives and even speeches were becoming more structured, bright, accurate and as a result have a great influence on the audience, even if he spent a lot of time preparing such presentations.

For Richard, a respected scholar and authority on the psychology of leadership, vacations are also a big deal. He and his wife are constantly changing the ways they spend their time. Once or twice a year they go on “study holidays” to places that are not well known to them. They research all the famous attractions and restaurants in their chosen destination, meticulously plan the route, and often book a tour guide or driver if none of them speaks the local language. While there, they really immerse themselves in the atmosphere, exploring everything and spending time talking to the locals.

They dilute the tight schedule of their work with two types of vacation: once a year they stay in a calm, interesting beach boutique hotel (but not a family-friendly hotel), in which they take only books, sun-protection equipment and scuba diving equipment, and they often visit their own country house to simply relax: no guests or work, only reflections on life and garden care.

What can we learn from the point of view of organizing our holidays from these people?

1. Move forward and gain experience. Evolutionary science claims that our imaginative thinking and fantasy did not develop when we wandered around without work, but when we worked. Our ancestors were constantly moving from place to place. And we should also spend our holidays, especially those of us who work in an overloaded mode with regular meetings and conferences day after day.

2. Find a peaceful and beautiful landscape around. Nature not only helps you listen to your inner voice, it can inspire you to new goals and desires. My wife Maria and I traveled around Castile-La Mancha when we decided to move from Madrid to Buenos Aires so that I could make the most important and successful career turn in my life.

3. Connect with different interesting people.. To-do list of Leonardo da Vinci found a to-do list consisting of 15 tasks. 8 from such “cases” meant talking to other people and 2 - reading books of interesting authors. The most successful people are actually very inquisitive, they know how to work in a team and are constantly looking for new acquaintances and new friends, even while on vacation.

4. Be prepared to invest something.. Many of us are attracted to wealth. We are constantly spending on the purchase of houses, cars, clothes and other things that eventually lose their charm for us and even bring disappointment, plunging into the eternal routine. We should pay more attention to impressions and new experience, because, according to research, this is a chance to learn something new and grow as a person. A quality vacation is the best investment that will pay off in three times in the future.

5. Think over your holiday plan. Do not leave everything "for later" and do not allow accidents. A thoughtful flight, a good hotel accommodation, a place at a table in a restaurant and a planned itinerary on vacation guarantee you a pleasant vacation. Besides, getting ready for a vacation is always nice. Just imagine what you will do, what places you will open for yourself, what you will do - all this will help you to plunge into rest, forget about everything and reboot completely to find a place in your head for new unforgettable impressions.

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