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7 tricks to help you travel like a millionaire without spending a lot of money

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

Everyone wants to spend their holidays in a good hotel, in a comfortable seat on the plane, enjoying quality service. However, not everyone has the opportunity to pay a chic vacation.

In such cases, you can use several tricks that will help to improve the level of rest, without affecting the budget. Their list was collected edition Go Banking Rates.

1. Book cheap flights to unpopular cities

Air ticket prices are not based on distance traveled, but on market demand. Therefore, you should consider options for flights with transfers and to unpopular cities, from which it will be easy for you to get to your destination later.

The portal Skiplagged.com will help you find the best deals.

2. Visit attractions on free entry or discount days.

In any city in the world you can find attractions, for which you do not need to pay for admission, or those where you can buy tickets with discounts on certain days.

In addition, some museums offer you to set the price of the visit. For example, the Metropolitan in New York allows you to pay for the entrance as much as you see fit, although it is not advertised.

In addition, many natural attractions are also free.

3. Update tickets to first class last minute

It is cheaper to change the class of the ticket on the day of the flight. In order to fly first class, you can transfer to an adjacent flight or ask advice from an airport employee at check-in, he can always suggest options for an inexpensive ticket class change.

4. Sign up for travel arrangements

There are a large number of platforms for organizing travel, by subscribing to which you can get discounts on everything: rental housing, car, air tickets, excursions, etc.

In addition, some such platforms offer rewards for trips with them that can be spent on the next trip. Some of these portals charge for participation in them, but it is quickly compensated by discounts and awards.

5. Buy one-day airline club cards

Instead of paying membership fees for a flying club membership year-round, join it on 1 day.

American Admirals Club offers one-day travel costing $ 59 per person. The amenities of this program include snacks, showers, travel advice and even a business center. Delta Sky Club charges the same amount for 1-day travel tickets, and also includes free of charge to the list of services Wi-Fi, bar and entertainment.

Such expenses may at first glance seem unreasonable, but they will reduce your spending on snacks and drinks at the airport.

6. Take advantage of opportunities to save

Function "Call your price" on Priceline.com can help you save money when booking hotels.

When registering, enter into the program your credit card information, which contains no more than $2. Once your offer is accepted, the app will automatically charge your card. Therefore, it is worth using a clever trick - having chosen the lot you need, start offering your price. Every time the application considers it sufficient, it will try to withdraw money from your card, but since there is no money there, you will simply receive a message about insufficient funds. Place your next bid for the same item below and repeat this procedure until the application rejects your offer. This way you will find out the lowest acceptable price for the lot you are interested in. After this, you can enter your real card details and pay the lowest acceptable price for the product or service.

7. Travel to where your money is worth more than local currency

In countries where the local currency is much cheaper than the dollar, you can usually arrange a chic vacation for the meager money by American standards. Therefore, visits to such states should be considered first.

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