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John Kerry: US will accept 2017 refugees in 100000


US Secretary of State John Kerry said that in 2017, the Obama administration would increase the number of people allowed into the United States as refugees to one hundred thousand people annually. Meanwhile, Europe is experiencing the largest influx of migrants after World War II.

Speaking on Sunday in Berlin, Kerry described the decision of the administration as a step to preserve the best American tradition - to be a country of second chance and a “ray of hope”.

According to the new plan, the total number of entry visas issued to refugees, currently 70000 per year, will be increased to 85000 in the 2016 fiscal year and to 100000 next year. According to Kerry, the possibility of further increasing the number of visas for refugees in future years is being considered.

Austrian authorities reported that 11 thousands of Hungarian migrants arrived in Austria on Saturday. In addition, according to forecasts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria, another seven thousand migrants will arrive on Sunday at the main border crossing Nikelsdorf, located east of Vienna.

Most of them have traveled a grueling journey through the Balkans to Western Europe. According to Croatian authorities, over the past four days, 21 has arrived in its territory a thousand people.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Hungary and Serbia simultaneously opened the border crossing “Khorgosh - Ryoske 1”, which was closed from 14 September. Its closure forced thousands of people fleeing war and poverty in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, to look for other routes to Western and Northern Europe, where most of them seek to start a new life.

Most of the migrants went to Croatia, whose representatives a few days later declared that the country could not cope with the flow of people. After that, Croatia began to redirect migrants back to Hungary or Slovenia.

On Sunday, Austrian Interior Ministry officials met with representatives of charitable organizations, seeking to find temporary accommodation for newly arrived migrants in an environment where many of them come from countries that are unable or unwilling to cope with the influx of desperate people fleeing war and poverty.

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