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What Americans think about supporting Ukraine: new survey

A nationwide public opinion poll conducted by Marist Institute of Public Opinion Marist Poll showed what different categories of electors are leaning towards. Not everything is so clear yet.

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President Joe Biden and Donald Trump remain statistically tied among registered voters nationally. Since August 2023, the widest gap separating these two candidates was three percentage points. However, if Trump is convicted of a crime, Biden would lead his opponent by six percentage points. If Nikki Haley wins the GOP nomination, the race will still be tight.

The 2024 presidential race plays out amid concerns about preserving democracy, fighting inflation and the immigration crisis.

Americans divided over support for Ukraine

34% of Americans believe that the United States is providing too much support to Ukraine, 33% of respondents believe that just enough assistance has been provided, and 30% are convinced that more support is needed. When Americans were asked about this problem a year ago, 32% said the US was sending too much aid and 42% thought the level of support was sufficient, while 25% said the US was not providing enough aid to Ukraine.

Democrats (47%) are more likely than Republicans (17%) and independents (26%) to call for more aid to Ukraine. A majority of Republicans (56%) believe the US is already providing too much aid.

Voters in numbers

Biden (48%) and Trump (47%) are competitive among registered voters nationally. Independent candidates prefer Trump: 50% are against, 42% are for Biden. Among those who have an unfavorable view of Biden and Trump, Biden (43%) has a 4 percentage point lead over Trump (39%). 18% of these voters are undecided.

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If Trump were convicted of criminal charges, Biden (51%) would lead Trump (45%) among all registered voters by 6%. The gap narrows among independents, with 47% supporting Trump and 45% supporting Biden. Almost one in ten Republicans (9%) would support Biden in this case.

Biden (46%) also competes with Haley (45%) among registered voters. Haley receives near majority support (50%) among independents, compared with 38% for Biden.

Although Biden's approval rating nationally is only 40%, he is supported by voters who somewhat disapprove of the job he is doing as president. He receives the support of 38% of these voters.

Preserving democracy (29%), inflation (24%) and immigration (22%) are the top three issues that come to mind when Americans think about voting this November. A majority of Democrats (44%) cite preserving democracy as a top issue, while Republicans (44%) cite immigration as the top issue. Preserving democracy (33%) is the most frequently cited issue among independents.

“The picture of how the likely Biden-Trump matchup will play out remains unchanged, with one important exception,” said Lee M. Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. “Right now, Trump’s conviction will shift the balance of power in Biden’s favor.”

Let's dig deeper into immigration

Supported by Republicans (60%) and independents (44%), a majority of Americans (41%) say strengthening security at the U.S.-Mexico border to reduce illegal border crossings should be a top immigration priority. 28% of Americans, including a majority of Democrats (44%), believe that Dreamers (beneficiaries of the DACA program, which protects illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children from deportation) should be a priority. 15% of respondents mention accepting refugees, and another 14% say deporting those who entered the country illegally should be a top immigration priority.

57% of Americans, including 84% of Democrats and 55% of independents, say America's openness to people from around the world is important to who they are as a nation. 42% of residents, including 72% of Republicans, say that if the United States is too open, America will lose its identity. When the Pew Research Center asked this question in 2021, 66% of the country acknowledged that American openness is paramount to U.S. identity, and 32% reported that the U.S. is risking its identity due to increased openness.

More than four in ten Americans (41%) say the Republican Party will do a better job on immigration. 29% believe Democrats are better prepared for this. 10% of residents say that both Republicans and Democrats approach the immigration issue in the same way. Notably, one in five Americans (20%) believe neither side can handle the issue (up from 13% in November 2022).

Independent candidates are more than twice as likely to choose Republicans (38%) over Democrats (17%) when it comes to addressing immigration. However, more than three in ten independents (31%) believe neither party can adequately address the problem.

Biden Job Approval Rating

53% of Americans have an unfavorable view of Biden, while 40% have a positive view. Biden's favorable rating has remained unchanged since December. This positive rating reflects his approval rating (54% disapprove, 40% approve). Americans are more than twice as likely to strongly disapprove of Biden's job performance (42%) than to strongly approve (20%).

29% of Americans approve of Biden's immigration policies, down from July 2021, when 38% gave the president a favorable rating on the issue. 60% disapprove of his approach to immigration, up from 49% previously. 12% are currently unsure. 90% of Republicans, 66% of Independents and even 30% of Democrats disapprove of Biden's approach to immigration.

41% approve of Biden's handling of the economy, up slightly from 38% last March. 54% disapprove and 6% are unsure. While more than three in four Democrats (78%) approve, a majority of Republicans (91%) and a majority of independents (58%) disapprove of Biden's approach to the economy.

Trump's ratings

Trump's perception remains relatively consistent. 55% of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of him, 40% have a positive opinion, the same as in December.

However, nearly three in four Republicans and independents (74%) are not very concerned or not at all concerned that Trump is too radical for the general election. 59% say the same about Hailey.

Americans' perceptions of the legality and ethics of Trump's actions have also changed little: 73% of them believe Trump did something wrong. This includes 48% who believe he did something illegal and 25% who believe Trump did something unethical but not illegal. 25% believe Trump has done nothing wrong.

Most Democrats (84%) and most independents (46%) say Trump has broken the law, while most Republicans (55%) say he has done nothing wrong.

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Supported by Democrats (91%) and independents (65%), nearly two in three Americans (65%) say Trump should not receive immunity for actions he committed while president.

A majority of Americans (54%) believe the investigation into Trump's actions was fair and aimed at finding out whether he broke the law. 45% believe the investigations are unfair and designed to derail his 2024 presidential campaign. Independent opinions on this issue are divided.

The officials are to blame, not the system

72% of Americans, up from 69% in November, say the political system can work. The problem is the members of Congress. 24% disagree and believe that the political system is broken.

Americans continue to have a low opinion of Congressmen of both parties. 26% of US residents approve of the work of Republicans in Congress, while 63% disapprove. Democrats are doing better: 38% of residents approve of their performance in Congress while in office, while 52% disapprove.

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