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Mind-blowing stories about time travel: many believed them, but they turned out to be lies

People have come across dubious but exciting stories about time travel more than once. And the most interesting thing in each such story is its ending. An ending that is sure to disappoint fans of Back to the Future. Several such examples are ADME.

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Do you know what happens when someone puts $800 into the stock market and makes $350 million? Answer: The FBI is coming for this man.

In 2003, the whole world learned about a certain Andrew Karlsin. This guy spent several months in the stock market. He bought some shares and sold others. He invested in companies, which then quickly began to increase their value. He predicted the behavior of the market with incredible accuracy, and his wealth grew every week. Soon he had $350 million in his account. Of course, the Securities Commission could not pass by such fraud. But was it a scam? The FBI had to find out.


The man was arrested. Andrew did not resist and behaved absolutely calmly. The agents were sure he would use excuses like, "I didn't do anything, I was set up, you got the wrong guy." But Andrew Karlsin said something no one expected. He admitted that he knew all the changes on the exchange in advance, because he arrived from 2256 using a time machine.

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Of course, the FBI agents didn't believe him. They found his papers and began to verify his identity. And then they faced a real mystery.

They could not find any records or information about this person. He came out of nowhere and started making big money. According to him, he could not resist when he had the opportunity to return to the past and get easy money. He allegedly tried not to tempt fate and deliberately lost some of the money, but his success did not go unnoticed. Nobody believed Andrew.

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Okay, but if he was lying, how did he know what allowed him to make so much money? Information about transactions is kept secret, and no one knows about it, except for a narrow circle of people. Andrew could not have known such secrets, but he got this information from somewhere anyway.

The FBI was never able to figure it out. The companies he made money from didn't find any records of Andrew Karlsin. Nobody knew who he was. In addition, he claimed that he knew how to defeat many diseases and what events would happen in the near future. He sounded very convincing. But there was one small detail that called into question his version. 2003 was not the best year for the US economy. So why did Andrew Karlsin arrive during this period? What's the point?

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Either way, the FBI didn't believe him and put him in jail. A month later, someone posted $1 million bail for him. Then Andrew Karlsin disappeared. Perhaps he got to the time machine and returned to his world.

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Soon the news about the time traveler began to spread around the world. Well-known news sites wrote about Andrew Karlsin. Articles about him were published in Japan, Australia, Germany, Great Britain and other countries. And, of course, journalists began calling the FBI to find out more details about this story. And do you know what they answered? There was no Andrew Karlsin. The FBI is tired of telling everyone that this story is a fabrication. Fake. And it appeared thanks to one resource - Weekly World News. This tabloid liked to create such news. He once wrote about a plane that landed thirty-seven years after it took off. And everyone believed!

Andrew Karlsin's story became so popular because it was featured in Yahoo News. As soon as users read it, it went viral. Of course, the FBI never apprehended Andrew Karlsin. And no one turned $800 into $350 million.

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In New York in 1951, a man named Rudolf Fentz appeared on a dark street. He was dressed in a strange outfit - a long old cloak and a hat. People around are surprised looked back. The man didn't care.

When he was crossing the road in the wrong place, a car drove around the corner. The driver did not notice Fentz and ... an accident occurs. Police and an ambulance arrive at the scene. Fortunately, Rudolf is still alive.

Doctors and rescue services are trying to identify the man. They find a strange old-style passport. The police begin an investigation and find out that Rudolf Fentz disappeared without a trace in XNUMX. And now, almost eighty years later, he appeared on the streets of New York.

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Rudolf Fentz claims to be a time traveler. The story of Rudolf Fentz found its way into newspapers and books. Over time, she began to acquire new details. Many people believed in its authenticity. But one researcher decided to get to the bottom of the truth. He discovered that the myth of Rudolf Fentz first appeared in a XNUMXs book of science fiction stories.

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