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How to cool your car in the summer heat: three proven ways

Keeping car seats cool in the summer heat is very important. On warm days, cars can quickly heat up to deadly levels, even with the windows partially rolled down. PIX11.

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Hot car seats are undeniably uncomfortable, but they can also be dangerous.

For parents looking to keep heat levels down so kids don't get burned on car seats, meteorologist Kristen Curry has some tips.

white towel

Cover dark seats or car seats with a white towel to keep them slightly cooler, as black absorbs more heat than any other color.

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Cooling towels

You can invest in cooling towels to take from home to your car when you hit the road. These towels can stay cold longer than cloth towels and can lower a person's body temperature in extreme heat.

Sun screens

Sunscreens block 90 to 95% of the UV rays that enter your car, which helps keep your car seats cool.

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More than 30 children died of heat stroke in vehicles last year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The girl died in May after her parents left her in a hot car for about three hours while they attended church, Florida police said. In early March, a 2-year-old Florida boy died after his father allegedly left him in a car for several hours. The boy was later declared dead in the hospital and charges were filed against his father.

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An Alabama father was arrested in late February after he allegedly forgot to take his 2-year-old to daycare and instead left him in the car for several hours. The child later died.

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