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4 tips for participating in a green card draw from a winning immigrant

The online registration period for the Diversity Visa Program 2022 (DV-2022) Lottery will begin on October 1, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST and will end on November 3, 2020 at 12:00 PM ET. Author blog "Dumped in America" ​​on "Yandex.Zen" shared tips for participating in the drawing.

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Further - from the first person.

1. Fill out the application only on the official website

Each time, several people write to me that they filled out an application somewhere else and “it turned out that we didn’t participate,” “we won, but the agency demanded money to continue the process,” etc.

Sometimes you wonder how light-hearted people are.

In my first year in the USA, when neighbors and acquaintances found out that I had won the green card, those of them who were newcomers asked me how to participate in the drawing correctly.

It was just a week before the start of the draw. I repeated the name of the site to them 10 times. Not saved. Then people came up, said thank you, and that they had successfully applied, but during the conversation it turned out that they were told, they say, this year the conditions have changed, and they were demanded 175 euros for participation.

You can fill out the form only on the site Please note: the site must have the .gov extension, because sometimes scammers create fake sites with the .net, .com and others extensions. The site used to be called - both are correct and safe.

For detailed instructions on how to fill out an application for participation in the green card lottery, read our material.

2. Take a photo of the required format in advance

Every self-respecting photo studio knows what parameters of a photo are necessary for submission to a green card. This is very important because if the photo does not meet the requirements, the computer will not accept your application.

On the subject: Two weeks left before the DV-2022 green card lottery opens: how to prepare

If your photo studio is not in the know, then find out the information on the photo on the green card on the Internet and inform the photographer.

Information on the photo on the green card:

  • it may change - check the current information before going to the photo studio;
  • do not use photos from past draws. The system will calculate this and disqualify you. Go and take a new photo;
  • do not forget to take the electronic version (it is also uploaded to the drawing form) and printed photographs (useful for interviews).

The photo for the questionnaire must be taken within 6 months before submitting it and show how you look now. A detailed description of the photography requirements can be found in our material. Also, here You can customize your photo to the right proportions.

3. Fill out the form yourself, do not use the help of fraudsters or unauthorized persons

Friends, acquaintances, of course, you can ask for advice. But you must fill out the questionnaire with your own hand.

4. Fill out the questionnaire in the very first days of the drawing

Due to the heavy load, the lottery site can often freeze or even crash, so it is better to start the registration process as early as possible, so that in case of an unforeseen site breakdown, you will not be left behind the drawing.

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You must include your current spouses, even if you do not live together, with children up to 21. In addition, each spouse can fill out a questionnaire separately. Thus, the chances of winning the family will increase. For more information on how to indicate relatives in the questionnaire, read in material ForumDaily.

How to prepare for the lottery and increase your chances of winning, ForumDaily tells in their material.,

IMPORTANT: When you complete the form and click the Submit button, you should receive a notification with a confirmation number. It is imperative to save it - without it you will not know whether you won the green card or not.

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