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Xnumx best beach in america

In the United States, many 95 beaches along the coast are 00 miles, from beautiful white sands and rocky shores to world-famous surfing spots. But before you book your vacation this summer, check out the recommendations of the experienced beach expert Dr. Beach, which named 4 the best beach in the United States.

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Dr. Beach, a professor and director of the Coastal Research Lab at Florida International University, has ranked US beaches since 1991, considering water quality, sand quality, amenities, species and pests.

1. Kapalua Bay Beach, Maui, Hawaii

This crescent-shaped sandy beach is located on the northwest coast of Maui. Calm turquoise-blue water with unique corals, tropical fish and turtles is popular with snorkelers and swimmers. Picturesque views of palm trees and endless ocean is also enough.

2. Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach, Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Pearl of the Outer Banks is said to be a beach guy's paradise. The coast has remained largely undeveloped, leaving a sense of seclusion and relaxation - largely due to the fact that this beach is only accessible by air or water.

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3. Grayton Beach State Park, Florida Panhandle

A mile of small white sandy beach and magnificent crystal clear water landscapes in the Gulf of Mexico placed it on the list of the best beaches. Greyton Beach is also a good choice for those who cannot stop hiking and swimming.

4.Coopers Beach, Southampton, New York

This picturesque Long Island beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean will delight both beach lovers and architecture lovers. High beach grasses and sand dunes are located opposite historic mansions such as the Kelvin Klein Beach Residence.

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