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Actions in a terrorist attack: how to survive yourself and help others

On March 22, a terrorist attack occurred at the Crocus City Hall concert hall in Russia. Four men with machine guns opened fire on people gathered for the concert. In total, according to official data, 133 people died in the attack on Crocus City Hall. The terrorist organization Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

Фото: Depositphotos

Фото: Depositphotos

Of course, there are quite a few options for the development of events during terrorist attacks and it is necessary to act in the case of each of them differently, but there is a set of universal actions during a terrorist attack that will help save your life and help others. The list of such collected edition Life hacker.

Safety measures

Terrorist attacks are most often committed in crowded places: in public transport, in the markets, in stores, or during major events. Completely refuse to visit such places is impossible, and often simply impossible, but it is worth observing measures to ensure your own safety:

  • avoid the crowd;
  • do not stand next to windows and any easily destructible structures;
  • not be near abandoned cars or in small back streets between kiosks or buildings;
  • in public transport it is best to choose a place in the middle of the cabin away from the windows (by the way, the people standing are safer than the people sitting);
  • in crowded places, you must be attentive to any forgotten objects, suspicious bags, boxes without owners, etc.

Signs of explosive devices:

  • Cars parked near houses that are not known to residents.
  • The presence of wires, small antenna, electrical tape.
  • Noise emitted by a detected object (clock ticking, clicking).
  • The presence on the found subject of power sources (batteries).
  • Stretching wire, twine, rope.
  • Unusual placement of a detected item.
  • Peculiar, not peculiar to the surrounding area smell.
  • Unattended briefcases, suitcases, bags, bundles, boxes, boxes.

All suspicious objects in places of possible crowds of people must be reported to the police or special services.

When reporting a possible terrorist attack in the media or by other means, it is necessary to safely and quickly leave the dangerous place without creating panic and avoiding mass gatherings of people.

It is best in this case to go home by land, avoiding the crowd. If possible, create an 3-day запас water, food, medicine and spare light sources, collect documents and prepare for possible evacuation. In addition, you need to remove all items from the windowsills, windows, take out combustible materials from the apartment. Closed curtains provide protection from splinters. Of course, it would be good to leave a large city for a couple of days, if there is such an opportunity.

What to do if the attack has already been committed

The main goal - to survive, and then help others. To do this, you need to perform the 3 task, strictly observing the sequence:

1. Stand up. Look around if there is still danger.

2. If there are victims, lead them away. If do not react, check their consciousness.

3. If the victims are unconscious breathe - save them, providing first aid and calling the doctors.

You can not perform actions if there is no understanding how to finish them and what they will lead to.


No matter how to evacuate, the main thing is to do it quickly. First you need to leave the danger zone. Dealing with injuries and injuries is better in a safe place.

In the case of organized evacuation, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the administration, the driver or the special services clearly and calmly.

Necessary avoid the crowd, but in the event that it is not possible to get out of it, it is necessary to obey the flow and follow it, not opposing, but moving from it to a safe direction. It is necessary to move in it with your elbows slightly apart. It is necessary to avoid places in which it is possible to be trapped and to overcome any obstacles as accurately as possible. In such situations, a lot more people are killed in the crush than from the terrorist act itself.

If you are still dropped, you need to curl up and put your hands on your head, roll back to a safe place and get up as soon as possible.

If there is an evacuation of the wounded, the best way to transport it is by dragging you along with your hands. This is the least time-consuming way in which the head of the saved person is in relative safety.

First Aid to Victims

The most dangerous is heavy bleeding and breathing problems. In this case, you first need minimize blood lossand then the lack of oxygen. All other injuries either do not carry such a serious threat, or cannot be eliminated without special medical training.

Victims are divided into 3 categories:

• Conscious, breathes itself - stop bleeding (if any), help to take a comfortable posture.

• unconscious breathing - put on the side, stop severe bleeding.

• unconscious, no breathing - start cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

It is necessary to determine who to save first. It is impossible to help everyone at once, therefore “medical sorting” is used here. First, you need to save those who are alive, breathing on their own, but having multiple injuries, lost a lot of blood, is unconscious. The second in line are the wounded, conscious. The latter should receive help from those who are conscious and able to move. No matter how cruel it is, all those who are unconscious and unable to breathe should be the last thing to receive help from doctors. AT emergency situations they only have time at the very last moment: the lives of those who can be saved for sure are too expensive.

All victims should be examined for severe bleeding. Then find the source and firmly hold the wound with your hand or any rag or clothes. In no case should foreign objects be removed from wounds, including fragments, edged weapons and so on.

Strong, gushing bleeding should be stopped with the help of any available items. The harness can be made even from a wire or a shirt, a pressure bandage - likewise. The purity of the material is not taken into account: severe blood loss will kill more truly and much faster.

In the case of severe bleeding on the hand or forearm, it is necessary to bend the elbow joint as much as possible; if the bleeding on the foot and lower leg is done, bend the leg at the knee joint. When bleeding on the thigh tourniquet is applied to the leg below the groin; on the shoulder - just below the shoulder joint.

When injured in the head of the victim laid horizontally, provide peace. It is better not to touch the head wound (excluding injured faces). If the face is injured, the wound should be clamped with a sterile swab, napkin or handkerchief.

If the spine is injured, do not allow the victim to move, lay it down and do not touch it until the arrival of the doctors.

When injuries to the chest and abdomen to prevent air from entering the pleural and abdominal cavities, it is necessary to apply an air-tight bandage to the wound - a gauze napkin with boric ointment or petroleum jelly, a piece of polyethylene. In the extreme case - tightly clamp the wound with his hand. The victim must be in a semi-sitting position.

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