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How many days in advance should I book plane tickets to get the best price?

Site analyzed 917 million air tickets worldwide to determine the cheapest time of year to travel. How to save money on international flights, advises Thrillist.

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Experts predict that the number of Americans traveling this summer will decrease by 3%. But 25% of US residents still plan to travel abroad during the holiday season. Therefore, even if there are fewer trips, finding cheap air tickets will still require a certain strategy. Read about which airlines are least likely to delay flights in our material.

When to book

A study of CheapAir airfare prices in 2024 found a number of factors, including the best time to buy them. For many destinations, you should plan to purchase your tickets as early as possible. The longer you wait, the more expensive the flights will be. Therefore, look for 5 sites where Americans find the cheapest air tickets in our article.

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“The best time to buy a cheap international flight to most destinations this year is mixed,” CheapAir said in a report. “Some destinations may benefit from purchasing tickets well in advance, while others offer better prices much closer to your travel dates.”

Overall, booking in advance will help you get the best prices on international flights.

In particular, to save money, flights to Asia must be booked at least 71 days in advance, while to Europe - 320 days in advance. Airfare to South and Central America will be cheaper 50 days before departure, and the best prices to Mexico can be found approximately 67 days before travel.

“The key to getting the cheapest international flights is to plan ahead and book during the 'primary booking window' to avoid overpaying for airfare,” CheapAir said in the report. “Booking international flights too early or booking at the last minute can cost you a lot more.”

The best days to fly

In addition to pre-booking, there are ideal days to travel. They vary depending on location.

For destinations to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, the most expensive day is Sunday. The cheapest days are Tuesday and Wednesday. For South America and Europe, the most expensive day is Saturday. Extremely cheap flights to Europe take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Flying on these days saves an average of $145 per airfare compared to flying on Saturday. If you are flying to Asia, you should not take a ticket on Friday - it is better to choose Monday or Wednesday.

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The cheapest days for the Middle East are Tuesday and Wednesday. The most expensive is Sunday.

The difference will cost $112 per ticket.

For complete booking guidelines by destination, please visit here.

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