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Space station debris falls on Florida house

Earlier this month, part of the International Space Station (ISS) fell onto a house in Florida. NASA (US space agency) confirmed this information, reports with the BBC.

Cosmic junkyard


A metal object weighing 0,7 kg was dropped from the orbital station in March 2021. Gradually he entered low orbit. The object penetrated two layers of the ceiling of a Florida home after re-entering the Earth's atmosphere. Read about 10 misconceptions about space from books and movies that you should stop believing in. material.

Homeowner Alejandro Otero said his son was nearly hit.

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NASA said the object was part of equipment that was discarded from the station after new lithium-ion batteries were installed there. How does being in space affect the human body? Read our article.

“The equipment was expected to completely burn up during re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere on March 8, 2024. However, a small part of it survived and crashed into a house in Naples, Florida,” the agency said.

The debris was determined to be part of a rack used to secure batteries to a cargo pallet.

An object made of the metal alloy Inconel, measuring 10,1 by 4 cm.

Otero said the device made a “loud noise” when it crashed into his home.

“It almost fell on my son. “He was nearby and heard everything,” said the shocked father. - I was shaking. I didn’t believe what was happening at all. What are the odds of something falling on my house with that much force and causing that much damage.”

“It’s fortunate that no one was hurt,” he added.

The ISS will "conduct a detailed investigation" into how the debris survived the combustion, NASA said.

What is the risk of collision with falling space debris?

Space debris is becoming an increasingly serious problem. Earlier this month, sky watchers in California saw mysterious golden stripesmoving across the night sky.

US officials later determined that the light show was caused by burning debris from a Chinese rocket returning to Earth orbit.

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In February, a Chinese satellite known as Object K burned up during re-entry over Hawaii.

Last year, a giant metal dome covered in shells was found on a beach in Western Australia. It was identified as part of an Indian missile. It is planned to display the find next to the wreckage of NASA's Skylab spacecraft, which crashed in Australia in 1979.

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