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Spent the night in caves and ate raw eggs: how a very thrifty tourist visited 18 countries for $7500

He traveled to 18 countries for just $7471. To cut costs, the thrifty tourist spent the night in caves, reports New York Post.

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21-year-old Robert Michelsen traveled alone across Europe for eight months and visited countries such as Portugal, Serbia, Croatia and Poland.

He wanted to see the world without “money stopping” him. Where to go on vacation this summer - read our article.

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Robert spent his money sparingly: he rarely went to restaurants and instead ate raw eggs and carrots.

"The Price You Pay for Freedom"

“I slept in caves and on beaches,” he admitted. — Discomfort is the price you pay for freedom. I wanted to see the world and I don't think money should stop me. I relied on the skills I acquired from a young age.” See 9 sites for free travel here.

Robert always loved to travel. He began his solo journey in February 2023 with a rent-free stay at a farm in the Azores, a group of islands in a region of Portugal.

The thrifty tourist milked cows every morning for a month in exchange for housing and food.

Robert continued to travel around the islands - even lived on the beach in a tent for a week.

“I wanted to learn as much as possible about farm life. In the first month, I didn’t spend any money at all,” the tourist explained. “I managed to find an excluded place on the beach, and I set up a tent camp there.”

After two months of island hopping, Robert headed to Lisbon, Portugal, where he stayed in a cheap hostel for about $21 a night.

He took a day trip to Sintra and even got into Pena Palace for free because he didn't want to pay the high price of admission.

The tourist then went to the Algarve and slept in caves on the beach.

Robert, traveling through Europe, stayed in hostels when he visited cities, and in tents when he was in more remote places.

Along the way, he met friends, sometimes staying with them in cheap villas.

While he and his brother were camping in Portofino, Italy, they were scared by a pack of wolves.

“The wolves circled around our tent. After that, I took a break from camping and started staying in hostels,” the traveler noted.

Robert's favorite places include Rome and Serbia.

In just six months he visited 13 countries and returned to Norway in August 2023.
Robert estimates he only spent $5320 on airfare, lodging, food and entertainment.

Second trip

After four months at home, he traveled to Budapest for the New Year and then visited Slovakia, Austria, Morocco and England.

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This time, Robert had more money for the hostel and food, but he still only spent $2116 on the trip.

“A lot of people go to a resort or hotel and then go to the beach and sunbathe. This way you will never see the true side of life. They pay to remain ignorant. My way of traveling has much more to offer,” the traveler emphasized.

Countries Robert visited on his first trip:

  • Azores;
  • Portugal;
  • Spain;
  • France;
  • Monaco;
  • Italy;
  • Vatican;
  • San Marino;
  • Croatia;
  • Montenegro;
  • Poland;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Serbia.

Countries he visited during his second trip:

  • Hungary;
  • Slovakia;
  • Austria;
  • Morocco;
  • England London).

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