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Delta Airlines is giving away a free trip to the Olympic Games in Paris

Tickets for the Olympic Games in Paris are in high demand this summer. Delta Vacations is giving away a trip for two to this sports holiday, reports Travel Leisure.

Delta Air Lines Airbus A350-900 (N512DN) passenger plane


The grand prize winner will receive free return main cabin tickets for two, plus a 6-night stay at a 5-star hotel in Paris. You can see the ranking of the worst US airlines here. Read about the safest air carriers in our article.

Plus, it includes tickets to six sessions of the Olympic Games, including the closing ceremony, the men's swimming marathon (which is expected to take place in the Seine), beach volleyball and more. Entries for the prize drawing (for travelers 21 and older) must be submitted until April 23 at 59:24 pm ET.

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How to participate

Olympic fans should follow @deltavacations on Instagram to enter and comment on this post about the giveaway, and also mention your favorite vacation memories. Participants must tag a friend in the post and use the hashtag #DeltaVacationsSweepstakes.

The giveaway is limited to one comment per person.

The Olympic Games will begin on July 26. Tickets for them are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain.

Beyond the Olympics, travelers who book a trip with Delta Vacations can save big. Delta Air Lines SkyMiles cost at least 15% more when booking a Delta Vacations trip. Travelers have the option to use these miles to cover the entire cost of their trip, including booking hotels, transportation, and excursions.

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