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Aircraft, trains, and steamboats: what presidents ride on

The US President cannot be met in economy class, such as the President of Latvia or Ukraine. The American president has a fairly large fleet of everything on which he can move, both domestically and outside the United States. Talks about it "Voice of America".

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The president travels with maximum comfort, since a lot depends on the freshness of his head and state of health, most importantly - control of the nuclear button. Recall that the United States is one of two powers with the largest nuclear arsenal.

In this case, it is very difficult to separate the work of the president from his rest. It is not known when they are resting, as they formally work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without days off and holidays. In the president’s work schedule for every day there is the item “Presidential time” and it is not known what they are doing at this time. It is believed that in these few hours he thinks, thinks, talks.

The president’s entire transport is like Number One — an airplane, a helicopter, a car, even a train. Do not underestimate their comfort. These are very good, specially equipped machines with everything you need. Here he can sleep, take a shower and be in complete comfort. We know from films that the plane even allows you to survive during a nuclear war.

It is worth noting that the president flies on two planes. He flies on one, but the second flies nearby in complete readiness to take him aboard.

After the September 11 attacks, an option was added to the plane, thanks to which the president can go live directly from the plane.

How did the first US presidents travel

Interestingly, the first presidents practically did not travel. It was believed that the president should sit at his desk and work, and not be distracted by different trips.

Traveling outside the United States was considered especially dangerous. The Americans were afraid that the Europeans would be able to bribe him, deceive him and America would suffer. Some managed to combine work and travel, for example, Theodore Roosevelt. This continued until the beginning of the 20th century, after which the presidents began to ride.

They traveled first by train. For the election campaigns, special train assemblies were assembled. They and vice presidents traveled around the country, staged rallies right at the railway stations.

The presidents had their own yachts. Franklin Roosevelt loved to travel on yachts.

Franklin Roosevelt made 20 international trips during his presidency. For information, he spent three presidential terms at the White House.

Truman, who spent two presidential terms - 5 trips.

Dwyd Eisenhower - 26 trips.

John F. Kennedy - 8 rides.

Lyndon Johnson - 11

Richard Nixon - 15

Gerald Ford - 7

Jimmy Carter - 12

Ronald Reagan - 25

George W. Bush Sr. - 26

Bill Clinton - 54

George W. Bush Jr - 48

Barack Obama - 52.

Donald Trump - Bye 18.

It is interesting that railway companies, which at that time were rich and suspected of corruption schemes, sometimes deservedly, took upon themselves the payment of presidential trips - the work of so many people from different organizations. There was a suspicion that for this, the presidents could do something pleasant for them. For example, provide some kind of contracts.

And also, the head of state has special people who are engaged in this. The president should not only think about this, not even remember.

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