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New York City Hall will not save data on illegal immigrants

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New York City Hall will no longer store personal data of illegal immigrants who are going to get municipal ID cards. On such measures, the team of Bill De Blasio is forced to go to protect thousands of illegal immigrants from deportation, writes

Recall that President-elect Donald Trump repeatedly statedthat he would “focus on identifying and deporting the most dangerous criminal illegal immigrants,” creating a task force within Immigration and Customs Enforcement to do so.

Any New Yorker can get a NYC ID city identification card by submitting the necessary documents to the city administration for registration. Such identity cards already have several thousand illegal immigrants.

Last month mayor did not rule out the possibility of deleting databaseswhich contains personal information about more than 85 thousands of New Yorkers who own NYC ID.

It is still unknown whether employees of the City Hall will be able to delete archived information. On the eve of one of the Brooklyn courts banned the destruction of any data relating to the city identity cards. This lawsuit was filed by supporters of President-elect Donald Trump.

Recall that the ID NYC program was launched in New York last year. Among the goals of this project are organizers called opportunity for immigrants to get an identity card. It should be noted that in fact the ID NYC card only allows you to use several entertainment and cultural institutions and libraries. In addition, to have a discount in stores and concert halls, as well as upon receipt of drugs by prescription in pharmacies.

Full list published on the NYC ID program page. The card is still not valid for flights; it is not accepted as an identity card by many government departments.

The personal data of ID NYC holders, including addresses and dates of birth, are stored in encrypted databases and servers. Information may not be disclosed to federal law enforcement or immigration authorities without the permission of the city administration. Candidates do not have to disclose their immigration status in order to receive a card.

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