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Chicago mayor wants to open public grocery stores: he was criticized for his 'Soviet' approach

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson has announced a City Hall-led plan to potentially open grocery stores in the city's so-called food deserts. Four Wal-Mart and Whole Foods stores have closed there, reports New York Post.

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In other words: Soviet-style central planning, according to critics of the initiative.

Chicago consistently ranks first in the country for corruption.

The city's financial waste and mismanagement have left Chicago facing a half-billion dollar budget deficit, with its bonds worth nothing until 2022.

On the subject: Unknown gunmen shot and killed a couple, two small children and three dogs at the family's home in Chicago.

Why did all these stores close down?

In 2022, the number of robberies and thefts increased sharply – by 32%.

This was due to disastrous city and state policing policies, including the complete elimination of cash bail, and overly lax crime-fighting laws.

The move is intended to "redress past harms that contributed to targeted divestment and exclusion," as the mayor's office wrote in H.

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But critics say the city is being harmed by Johnson's policies, which have caused crime in Chicago to jump 29% across all categories this year compared with the same period in 2022. They accuse Johnson of being extremely soft on crime.

When a huge crowd of teenagers rioted in downtown Chicago, Johnson defended them. He said it was unhelpful to "demonize youth who would otherwise be denied opportunities in their own communities."

And the mayor recently filed a lawsuit against Kia and Hyundai because... people started stealing the cars they make. He blamed car manufacturers for allegedly failing to take adequate measures to combat theft, which ultimately led to an increase in car crimes. According to the Chicago Police Department, there were more than 2023 car thefts in 19, reports Fox32.

In other words, critics of the mayor's policies argue that as long as Johnson remains at the helm, the city's food desert problem will only get worse as public safety continues to erode.

They believe this cannot be corrected by wacky Soviet-style economic interventions.

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