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Coronavirus in the US and the world: new numbers and data. The news is constantly updated.

In an effort to keep its readers informed of the latest news on the situation with the coronavirus, ForumDaily collected the latest data on infections and deaths in one text, which we will regularly update.

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Coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the globe. By the latest data, the total number of people infected on the planet is 83 905 327 people. Of these, 1 have died and 827 have recovered from COVID-828.

Of the 22 active cases, most of the patients, namely 673, have a moderate or mild course of the disease, and 353 people are in a serious or critical condition.

Coronavirus has infected 218 countries and territories around the world. The list of these countries and territories, their continental regional classification is based on the UN geoscheme.

Data as of the morning of January 1

By the number of infected in the world USA leads. Here, 20 445 654 cases of COVID-19 disease were recorded, 354 215 people died.

Cases by State:

  • California - 2 cases of infection (the first among states in the number of people infected in the United States), 298 deaths
  • Texas - 1 cases of infection (second highest among states in the number of people infected in the United States), 776 deaths
  • Florida - 1 cases of infection (third highest among states in the number of people infected in the United States), 323 deaths
  • New York - 1 cases of infection (fourth among states in the number of people infected in the United States), 015 people died
  • Illinois - 963 cases of infection (fifth among states in the number of infected in the United States), 389 deaths
  • New Jersey - 487 cases of infection (fourteenth among states in the number of people infected in the United States), 350 deaths

COVID-19 Diseases by Country:

  • Russia - 3, died 186
  • Ukraine - 1 064 479, died 18 680
  • Israel - 426, died 749
  • Belarus - 194 284, died 1 424
  • Georgia - 228 410, died 2
  • Azerbaijan - 218, died 700
  • Kazakhstan - 155 473, died 2

China admitted error in calculations

The authorities of Chinese Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, which began the spread of coronavirus worldwide, April 17 statedthat 19 people died from COVID-1 in the city more than previously reported; thus, the number of deaths there increased from 290 2 to 579 3, increasing the total number of deaths from coronavirus in China to 869 thousand.

Wuhan authorities say there was no deliberate concealment of data. According to them, doctors continue to report on what happened in Wuhan in January-February, and new information is constantly appearing. In addition, the number of deaths outside hospitals was finally calculated.

As of April 17, provided by the Chinese authorities, 83,7 thousand infected with coronavirus were registered in the country, the number of deaths was about 4,6 thousand people.

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