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Disinfection expert named the main mistake when cleaning a house during a pandemic

There is no work that would be too dangerous or dirty for the Texas-based company CG Environmental, which deals with the cleaning and cleaning of hazardous substances, writes CNBC. Since 1992, the company has cleaned everything from crime scenes to leaks of chemicals and radioactive waste, as well as dirty flood water caused by hurricanes.

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In 2014, Eric McCallum, the company's founder and former policeman, even received an order to clean the apartment of the victim of Ebola. For this work, a team of 15 people was required, and its cost exceeded $ 100.

Now the team is regularly called to disinfect hot spots from the coronavirus.

“We've probably done at least 100 coronavirus cleanups already,” McCallum says.

The company, with five offices scattered throughout Colorado and Texas, works with government officials to clean up police departments, 911 centers, office complexes and doctors' offices.

“We cleared 125 garbage trucks on Sunday,” McCallum says. "The list goes on and on."

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Although McCallum cannot name the exact name of the products that he uses to cleanse coronavirus for competitive reasons, the products include professional-grade virulid (a chemical agent designed to deactivate and destroy viruses such as coronavirus) along with strong hydrogen peroxide.

According to McCallum, none of these products can be bought by ordinary people who have not received training in disinfection after infectious diseases. Instead, he suggests using hot soapy water to clean the house.

“This is what kills the virus. I like to simplify things when everyone else complicates things, ”he says.

According to him, the bleach also works well, but the expert advises to be “very careful” with him, since he can very quickly discolor fabrics and other things.

As for Lysol and other disinfectant wipes that are literally swept off the shelves, McCallum says such products are “suitable” for disinfection, but suggests using hot water while cleaning.

However, he says the biggest mistake he sees on a regular basis is that people don't take off their shoes before entering a house.

“Walking into a house with shoes on is the best and easiest way to cross-contaminate from the outside world to the inside world of your home. So you need to take off your shoes, ”McCallum says.

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He also advises putting a small container near the front door with bleach and water, so that every time before going outside, lower the soles of shoes into it.

In addition, McCallum advises to immediately remove outer clothing and put it in the washing machine after arriving home, as the virus can attach to the tissue.

Finally, echoing the words of health officials, McCallum says the best way to prevent contamination is to wash your hands thoroughly and consistently.

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